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Bill Cosby

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If you don’t feel good

An old buddhist saying goes: If you don’t feel good, do something good for someone else. Then you feel good. Or you don’t. I don’t know. It depends. Well, it actually doesn’t matter. Because if you only act kindly towards … Weiterlesen

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Something troubling in Cologne

This is a mail sent by a Jewish tourist from Melbourne to the Jewish community of Cologne: “I am writing to you because I came across something troubling during my weekend stay here in beautiful Cologne. I was walking from … Weiterlesen

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We need you!

A few years ago the Jerusalem Post published an article about Cologne’s tolerance of an egregious antisemitic installation in front of the Cologne cathedral. Since a few weeks the killing of all Jews is called justified resistance in front of … Weiterlesen

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Dear Mr. Blizowsky,

These mails were sent to Eliav Blizowsky. He is the Director of International Relations of Tel Aviv. *** Dear Eliav Blizowsky, In your partner city Cologne, Germany, there is the so-called “Klagemauer” run by two individuals, Walter Hermann and Klaus … Weiterlesen

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German police supports antisemitism

This really happened! On July 12th, 2014 in the center of Frankfurt the words “Allah is great” and “Israel kills children” sounded from the speakers of a german police car. The German police had temporarily left the microphone of a … Weiterlesen

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Democracy and Democratic Theatre

In dem internationalen Theatermagazin theatrama ist ein englischsprachiger Artikel von mir erschienen. Ich veröffentliche die Seiten mal hier. Ich kann aber empfehlen, das ganze Magazin zu lesen und zwar hier:

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