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Obama’s confession

   Obama hinterlässt aussenpolitisch ein Trümmerfeld. Natürlich wird er jede Verantwortung von sich weisen. Er wird einen anderen Schuldigen nennen. Es wird die selbe Person sein, die dafür gesorgt hat, dass er Präsident wurde und den Friedensnobelpreis erhalten hat: “Es … Weiterlesen

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Jewish Anti-Folkism

President Barack Obama has declared to fight against a new form of hate, discrimination and racism that is about to threaten not only the whole fabric of American society but the whole world! After the terrorist attacks in Paris Obama … Weiterlesen

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My dear American friends

The German police has come up with a “General ruling on account of the current threat of international terrorism for assemblies within the city limits of Dresden on January 19, 2015″. It states: “In the period from January 19, 2015, … Weiterlesen

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Boycott Israel

“Boycott Israel, if you think that’s just, But unless you have a double standard you must, Also boycott the rest of the nations, With allegations of human rights violations. We’re not perfect but if you think we’re the worst, First … Weiterlesen

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I’ve a feeling we’re not in New York anymore …

I can’t breathe realizing what happened in La Quinta, CA a few weeks ago: I can’t breathe. I let Jon Stewart talk:

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Israel’s Reality

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Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

I need to tell you something. I hope you listen. It happens very often on Facebook, that a completely acceptable comment on Islam gets deleted, just because a lot of Muslims feel offended by it, while a lot of pages … Weiterlesen

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