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German police supports antisemitism

This really happened! On July 12th, 2014 in the center of Frankfurt the words “Allah is great” and “Israel kills children” sounded from the speakers of a german police car. The German police had temporarily left the microphone of a … Weiterlesen

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Democracy and Democratic Theatre

In dem internationalen Theatermagazin theatrama ist ein englischsprachiger Artikel von mir erschienen. Ich veröffentliche die Seiten mal hier. Ich kann aber empfehlen, das ganze Magazin zu lesen und zwar hier:

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Eurovision Song Contest – My Vote

Here are the results of the Tapfer im Nirgendwo Jury: 12 points: Latvia 10 points: Israel 8 points: Denmark 7 points: Austria 6 points: Hungary 5 points: Ukraine 4 points: Poland 3 points: Sweden 2 points: United Kingdom 1 point: … Weiterlesen

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Arab Apartheid Day

Did you know, today is Arab Apartheid Day? It’s easy to remember, because every day is Arab Apartheid Day! There is only one country in the Middle East with cultural diversity: Israel. Only in Israel there are equal rights for … Weiterlesen

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Гомосексуальность это нормально!

In 2012 in St. Petersburg, Russia, two men were arrested for holding up a sign reading “Homosexuality Is Normal.” It marked the first arrests on the strength of the city’s new law against disseminating information on homosexuality. The Russian city … Weiterlesen

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Cameron loses parliamentary vote on Syria action

Is president Obama prepared to move ahead with a limited military strike on Syria? In the United Kingdom the parliament has rejected a possible military action against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s government to deter the use of chemical weapons. The … Weiterlesen

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Gay for Russia!

“No one forbids athletes with non-traditional sexual orientation to come to Sochi, but if they promote this on the road, they will be held accountable.” With these words the Russian sports minister Witalii Mutko makes clear what to expect when … Weiterlesen

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Jimmy says

What George W. Bush did not achieve, Barak Obama managed. Under Obama’s presidency the former president of the United States of America, Jimmy Carter, said: “America has no functioning democracy!” Wow! Congratulations Barak Obama and thank You Mr. 39th President! … Weiterlesen

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The conversion

“The conversion” A very short play for two actors by Gerd Buurmann A: I converted! B: To what? A: Black. B: Black? A: Black! B: But you’re not black. A: I am too! B: Obviously not! A: I’m a more … Weiterlesen

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Gal aways

Dear Judith Butler, Dear Emma Thompson, Dear Caryl Churchill, you’re all well known for your support of BDS, a campaign in support of the cause for boycott, divestment and international sanctions against Israel. The campaign has reached a new level … Weiterlesen

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