The Betty White Match Game!

FfffI love Betty White. I first remember her in the Match Game. A lot of wonderful years followed with The Mary Taylor Moore Show, The Golden Girls, Boston Legal and Malcolm in the Middle, to just name a few. But let’s go back to the Match Game.

Let’s honor the Grande Dame of television and the Queen of entertainment by playing the Match Game. Write comments with your suggestions.


Betty White is so old …

… when the big bang occurred, she yelled: „Knock it of!“

… her social security number is 1.

… she is suing Native Americans, because she was there first.

… before she came to Sodom it was known for its pottery.

… she had a threesome with Wilma and Fred Flintstone.

… her middle name is Lillith.

… she stayed jewish, because she knew Jesus.

… she hid behind a bush and said „now I know you fear god“ when Abraham wanted to scarify Isaac.

… she performed in the original Cesar’s Palace.

… she discovered fire.

… she invented the wheel.

… when Mary of Magdala gave up prostitution to follow Jesus, Betty was there on the opposite street corner to call her a quitter.

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13 Antworten zu The Betty White Match Game!

  1. Eliyah schreibt:

    …she regards „Palestinians“ as a summer trend that will go as quickly as it came.

  2. peter schreibt:

    … she used to call Methusalam „little kid“.
    … Neanderthals had a pin up of her painted on the cave wall.
    … when God formed Adam out of the dust of the ground, it was her idea to add the private parts.

  3. A.mOr schreibt:

    …that her granny calls her granny.

  4. Arme Sau schreibt:

    Autsch, bin ich blöd. Danke.

  5. Arme Sau schreibt:

    Betty White is so old, she’s the chicken [i]and[/i] the egg.

  6. SilverSurfer schreibt:

    ….that’s Noah’s Ark on the left side

  7. Aristobulus schreibt:

    Bad taste at it’s best 😀
    And thanks G“dess there is that british girl who knows how to pronounce the word hot
    (aber die is‘ zu hetig)

  8. American Viewer schreibt:

    Betty White is so old, she discovered fire.

    Betty White is so old, she invented the wheel.

    Betty White is so old that when Mary of Magdala gave up prostitution to follow Jesus, Betty was there on the opposite street corner to call her a quitter.

  9. nic.schooldyk schreibt:

    I luuv Betty too. She is soooo old, her birth-certificate weighs a ton and is carved in stone.

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