Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

Not directly, but by the way Facebook functions. Mark Zuckerberg needs to change Facebook immediately. I know he can do it. It needs to be done!

It occurs quite often that a comment on Islam is deleted by Facebook, just because a lot of Muslims feel offended by it, while a lot of pages that demand the destruction of the state of Israel are not deleted. Even some openly anti-Semitic pages stay online, because they are declared by Facebook as to not violate the social network’s “community standards”. Sometimes even pages that support Israel are deleted.

How is that possible?

A Facebook page gets deleted, when it offends too many people. With 1.7 Billion Muslims on this planet but only 16 million Jews, we have a “slightly” skewed comparison if the algorithm is numerical. A statement on Facebook would have to be offensive to all Jews alive today to carry the same weight as when only 1% of Muslims were offended just in order to be noticed.

There will never be more Jews offended by any statement than Muslims. It’s a simple matter of mathematics! If only 1% of all Muslims hate Jews, there are more Jew-hating Muslims in the world than Jews!

If 100% of all Jews agree on something – and that will never happen – it takes less than 1% of all Muslims to disagree with Jews – and that happens very often – in order to achieve an equivalent public impact!

Hate against Jews simply doesn’t offend as many people as the support for Jews! It’s sad. But that’s reality!

Facebook functions in such a way that statements supporting Jews will be more likely to be deleted than statements expressing hatred of Jews!

Mark Zuckerberg must change the algorithm or he keeps a Jew-hating monster alive!

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5 Antworten zu Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

  1. babyboomer schreibt:

    Why don’t you email this to him;
    Last year I got so angry about the antisemitic crap on Facebook that I was tempted to drive to Menlo Park where he lives and hold up protest signs.

    • Kiki Bee schreibt:

      because, he doesn’t read letters personally. If you want that he should read your letter, you have to pay 100 USD

      • aurorula a. schreibt:

        If all of us really want him to read that letter himself, raising a hundred Dollars should be possible; however I don’t suspect implying bribing Mr. Zuckerberg into opening his own mail was a serious suggestion? (:
        If facebook were a government agency instead of a company, one could at least collect signatures to petition them into adressing the issue – this way, it’s quite hopeless as noone needs to use their services in the first place. That they are morally responsible for the hate speach spread by way of their medium is undoubtably the case; however, by what law can one hold them (or Youtube for that matter) responsible for the ‚thought poison‘ they pass on, and under which jurisdiction could they be tried?
        As I said, quite hopeless, all in all.

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  3. Clas Lehmann schreibt:

    Yes, indeed! There has to be looked upon the fact, if some content is offending and not on the number of users feeling offended by it.

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