The Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival declares: Matisyahu is an extremist!

The „Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival“ is an internationally renowned festival in Spain. In order to take part as a performer, it would usually be enough just to play good reggae music!

No Chinese participant was asked to make a statement on Tibet. Likewise, no Russian had to comment on the conflict in Ukraine, nor was a Muslim required to publicly distance himself from the Islamic State (IS), but an American was required to do more than just play good reggae music. Now why that? He’s is a Jew, of course!

As a matter of fact, it’s not enough for a Jew to do just what everyone else does. He has to do more! If he refuses, he’s thrown out!

Because the „Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival” had come under pressure from the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement, which called for a boycott of the muscian, Matisyahu, because he is a Jew, the organizers canceled the concert.

The activities of the BDS movement is quite easy to explain: its activists search all around the globe for Jews in order to demand that the world boycott them.

The list of „successes“ of the BDS movement is long: Israel is boycotted; Jewish professors are forced from universities; plays, concerts and readings by Jews have been disrupted; sports events with Israeli teams are threatened, and international artists and scientists are told to keep away from Israel.

Now Matisyahu has been banished from a Spanish stage! Alhambra is back!

Although the organizers of the „Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival“ declare that they do not support the “fanatical political“ BDS movement’s petition, they also classify Matisyahu as an extremist! In a statement, they say:

„The thing is, in a way, we have faced two extremisms: on one side an association which would not listen to reasonable things and which treats everything with „either you are with us or against us“, and on the other side an artist who, to a simple (and legitimate) question about the war as an instrument to solve conflicts (of ALL wars), decided not to answer many times.“

How dare those Jews? When the Spanish Inquisitor asks a question, the Jew must answer!

Meanwhile, Matisyahu put up a statement on his Facebook page:

„The festival organizers contacted me because they were getting pressure from the BDS movement. They wanted me to write a letter, or make a video, stating my positions on Zionism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to pacify the BDS people. I support peace and compassion for all people. My music speaks for itself, and I do not insert politics into my music. Music has the power to transcend the intellect, ideas, and politics, and it can unite people in the process. The festival kept insisting that I clarify my personal views; which felt like clear pressure to agree with the BDS political agenda. Honestly it was appalling and offensive, that as the one publicly Jewish-American artist scheduled for the festival they were trying to coerce me into political statements. Were any of the other artists scheduled to perform asked to make political statements in order to perform? No artist deserves to be put in such a situation simply to perform his or her art. Regardless of race, creed, country, cultural background, etc, my goal is to play music for all people. As musicians that is what we seek. – Blessed Love, Matis“

These are the words of the man whom the organizers of the „Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival“ describe as an extremist and explain further:

„I think nobody is a winner in this story: the association which invented a boycott of an incredible violence, Matisyahu who in a legitimate but inopportune way never decided to open a dialogue, we the Rototom who, of course could not manage things the way we would have liked to and at the end the Rototom audience who lost an high quality concert.

We were thinking about dancing with a supportive Matisyahu among us, people of so many races and religions who love living together in peace, rejecting war and that is all.

We could not make it happen this time, but I still wish this could still happen, another time. These are words of hope, hope of redemption.“

Here’s the real essense of that statement:

The „Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival“ wishes for a peace that requires only Jews to do more than anyone else. Jews, who reject this special treatment and choose not to cooperate, must be excluded! All this is garnered with sweetened words of hope for peace. The problem is the uncooperative Jew, a foreign entity and a troublemaker, whose very existance is the cause of incomprehension, intolerance and intransigence. Good riddance! How can that be understood as nothing less than utter anti-Semitism?


(Translated by William Wires)

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