19th Golden Orwell for Die Zeit

During the year 2015, not only was Israel continually bombarded with rockets, there were also the countless knife attacks. All these attacks are carried out by self-proclaimed Palestinians against Jews, solely for the reason they are Jews who dare to live independently in the Middle East. The terrorists’ hatred has nothing to do with Israel, as leading Muslim preachers in the region emphasize:

„If the Jews gave us Palestine, would we start loving them? Of course not! We’ll never love them. Absolutely not!“

„We’d still consider the Jews as enemies, even if they gave us Palestine back. Because they are infidels!“

Jews are being murdered simply because they were Jews!

Thanks to the State of Israel and its security forces, many attacks are being prevented before the killers can finish their murderous deeds. Had those criminals not murdered, they and their victims would still be alive! Die Zeit explained these deaths in a sentence which has since been amended:

„Since October, more than 150 people in Israel and Palestine have been killed in nearly daily knife attacks and shootings; most of the victims are Palestinians.“ 

Most of the victims are Palestinians!

Irregularly, Tapfer im Nirgendwo awards the Golden Orwell. The Golden Orwell is awarded to so-called quality media for reports that glorify the party slogan from George Orwell’s novel „1984“: „War is peace!“

The sine qua non for the Golden Orwell is the ideological twist in a message to create its exact opposite, in order to adapt it better to a predetermined view of events.

The 19th Golden Orwell goes this time to the German publication, Die Zeit, for the assertion that anti-Semites who are prevented from murdering Jews are supposedly the victims!

Die Zeit continues lying brazenly by stating:

„The trigger for the violence is the dispute over the Temple Mount, for both Muslims and Jews a sacred place in Jerusalem. While the Israeli police are responsible for security, Palestinians gain access to the site only under certain conditions. During Jewish holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, only Jews are allowed to enter the Temple Mount.“

That is an outright lie!

The Temple Mount is generally accessible at gates from the north and the west. The site’s entrances are monitored by Israeli police officers and administrated by the Islamic Waqf. Foreign Muslims must prove their allegiance to Islam through documentation or “knowledge”. Although Muslims are allowed entry at all gates, non-Muslims can access the Temple Mount only as tourists at the Mughrabi Gate near the Wailing Wall, but not on Fridays or during prayer, and only after strict security checks. They are forbidden to pray or make any “religious displays”. Jews are admitted to the site only in small groups and they are often supervised. Only Muslims have access to the Dome of the Rock!

Die Zeit writes:

„During Jewish holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, only Jews are allowed to enter the Temple Mount.“

The truth is:

Only Muslims have access to the Dome of the Rock!

Jews are often threatened on the Temple Mount.

Even Christians visiting the Temple Mount can encounter problems.

For such lies that only Jews are allowed access to the Temple Mount, the Golden Orwell is not enough for Die Zeit! For such shameless lies there’s the Golden Stürmer!

(Translation by William Wires)

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