A Call for Help after the Attack in Orlando

Dear Muslims,

I need your help!

I apologize for addressing you collectively as members of a religious community. Actually I don’t care what you believe in, but the terrorist who murdered in Orlando, performed his murderous deeds in the name of a god, which he called Allah! He killed at a club for homosexuals, just as his terrorist brethren murder in Jewish markets and museums, in theaters, publication offices, hotels and on open streets.

The hatred of homosexuals, Jews and women can be found in many fundamentalist ideologies, including in the Quran! In recent years, women, homosexuals and Jews have been murdered worldwide in the name of Islam. Countries where homosexuality is punishable by death are exclusively Islamic countries. Hatred of Jews, women and homosexuals is not a necessary, but is a possible interpretation of the Koran for many Muslims.

I would really like to describe the terrorists differently, for example as assholes, scumbags, but I cannot ignore the fact that they refer to themselves as Muslims; even as true Muslims, with the right to kill for an Islamic state. They cut off people’s heads, stone women, hang homosexuals and kill Jews, all in the name of an Islamic State. Thus, it is your religion, which is being defiled.

As a Christian, I am aware of the historical dark age of Christianity, when non-Christians were persecuted. As a German, I am aware of the era of National Socialism in Germany, when Jews, homosexuals and many others were annihilated. There were and are decent Christians and Germans, but from 1933 until 1945 the Nazis set the tone. The Nazis were Germans!

Not every German was guilty, but they were and are responsible for the Nazis. Not all Muslims are guilty, but all Muslims are responsible for the Islamists.

Every time someone somewhere in the world criticizes Islam, parodies Mohammed or makes a silly film about Muslims, the outcry in the Muslim world is huge. But where is the outrage when Islamists misuse Islam to justify their evil deeds? When Islamists defile humanity with their horrific deeds and cite Allah, the outrage should be comparatively many times more immense!
Your problem is not caricaturists, critics and mockers. Your problem is with those people, who call themselves Muslims, and sow hatred and commit violence in the name of Allah. Just as the Nazis were a German problem, the Islamists are now a Muslim problem! You should call جهاد (jihad) against the terrorists and their sympathizers!

Just as the Nazis were the enemy of enlightened Germans, so are the Islamic fanatics the enemies of enlightened Muslims. There were sadly very few who had confronted the Nazis. One of the most well-known resistance groups was “The White Rose” led by the Scholls, who in their third leaflet, wrote:

”But our present State is a dictatorship of Evil. “We’ve known that for a long time,” I can hear you say, “and it is not necessary for you to remind us of it once again.” So I ask you: If you are aware of this, why aren’t you uneased? Why do you permit this autocrat to rob you of your rights, little by little, both overtly and in secret? One day there will be nothing left, nothing at all, except for a mechanized national engine that has been commandeered by criminals and drunks. Has your spirit been so devastated by rape that you forget that it is not only your right, but your moral duty to put an end to this system? If a person cannot even summon the strength to defend his rights, then there is nothing left for him but destruction. Then we will deserve to be scattered to all corners of the globe, as dust before the wind, if we do not pull ourselves together in this eleventh hour and finally summon the courage that we have been lacking till now. Do not hide your cowardice under a veil of cleverness! Because each day you delay, each day you do not resist this spawn of hell, your guilt increases exponentially.”

In their first pamphlet, the Scholls warned:

“Remember, every nation deserves the government that it endures!”

Dear Muslims,

Resist the fundamentalists who preach hatred in the name of your faith. Your enemies are not the critics and mockers of Islam. Your enemies are not Israel and the US, not Jews nor Christians or even the West. Your enemies call themselves Muslims, similarly as the Nazis once called themselves Germans. Resist! If you don’t, then those whom the Islamists hate will have to take charge!

The hate ISIS shows today is just as intense as that which the Nazis had once spewed. Islamists murder in the name of an Islamic State. They are nationalist Islamists. Naziis! They hate Jews! They hate homosexuals! They hate women! They are Naziis!

The Nazis (National Socialists) plunged the world into a world war. In the end, not only were European cities bombed, but millions of innocent people worldwide suffered needless death and suffering. Rescue your religion from such devastation and declare war on the Naziis (National Islamists) before others do! The Islamists have already declared war on you!

The Nazis stained Germany forever and now the Naziis stain Islam!

(Translation: William Wires)

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