A German „idealist“ rides for Palestine

Christian Zimmermann is a 54-year-old equestrian from Cologne, Germany. About himself he says: „I’m very meticulous.“

Christian Zimmermann has a clear goal: „to take part in the Olympics.“ There’s only one problem. He is not good enough to compete for Germany. But he’s meticulous. That’s why he looked for another option and found one quickly. Christian Zimmermann now competes for Palestine! A Russian diplomat couple, who are propagandists for Palestine, gave him that opportunity. Since 2012, Christian Zimmermann is not only a German citizen; he’s also Palestinian.

Although Palestine is not a fully autonomous state, it is taking part in the Olympic Games. Tibet is also not autonomous, but may not participate. Probably because Tibet is not at war with Israel. However, this seems to be a condition for membership in the IOC if you are not a sovereign country. That raises the question: when will a German sit in the horse’s saddle for the Islamic State? German support of the Islamic cause has a long tradition.

In 1976, for example, two Germans selected Jews for Palestinians to murder. Among those selected there were children! On June 27, 1976 Air France flight 139 traveling from Tel Aviv to Paris was hijacked after a stopover in Athens. There were twelve crew members and 258 passengers on board. The kidnappers called themselves „Commando Che Guevara“. Some of the hijackers belonged to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Two of the terrorists were the Germans, Wilfried Böse and Brigitte Kuhlmann. Together, they forced the Air France pilot to fly to Entebbe airport in Uganda, because the Idi Amin regime supported terrorism. The hijackers demanded the release of a total of fifty-three detainees from prisons in Israel, France, the Federal Republic of Germany and Switzerland, including members of two German terrorist organizations. Additionally, the kidnappers demanded five million dollars from the French Government for the return of the aircraft. The passengers were held hostage in the old airport terminal. Wilfried Böse and Brigitte Kuhlmann were responsible for picking out the Jews with Israel passports, but also on the basis of supposedly Jewish names. Some passengers were wrongly identified as Jews. After the selection process, the Jews were held hostage and the other passengers were released. A Holocaust survivor showed the Germans his tattooed prisoner number so as to remind them of the selection process in Nazi concentration camps. Wilfried Böse replied that he was not a Nazi, but an idealist.

Christian Zimmermann is certainly a determined idealist. Members of the International Olympic Committee were also idealistic when they decided the games must go on after Jewish participants at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich were brutally tortured, mutilated and castrated. To date, the committee rejects a minute’s silence for the murdered Israeli athletes at the opening ceremony, probably in order to appease the Palestinian delegation, which honors the murderers as heroes and martyrs. The mastermind of the carnage is even buried in a martyrs‘ cemetery in Damascus.

On October 9, 2016, the cleric Muhammed Salah „Abu Rajab“ preached at the Al-Abrar Mosque in Rafah:

„My brothers in the West Bank: Stab them! The first phase should be: Kill the Jews! You won’t get a second chance! The second phase should be: We will no longer expel the Jews! We will stab and slaughter all of them!“

These are the official words of Palestine, a country which is allowed to participate in the Olympic Games even though Palestine is not a sovereign state. The committee ignores issues regarding Jews. Jew-hatred has now reached olympic proportions! At the 2004 Olympics in Athens, for example, the highly favored Iranian judo champion Arash Miresmaeili refused to compete against the Israeli Ehud Vaks. Vaks won by default while Miresmaeili was celebrated by the then President Mohammad Khatamimit with these words:

„The name of Arash Miresmaeili will go down in Iranian history as a source of national pride.“

Arash received $125,000 prize money from the National Olympic Committee of Iran. At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing there was a anti-Israel boycott. The Iranian swimmer Mohammad Alirezaei didn’t show up at the 100m breaststroke discipline because the Israeli, Tom Beeri, was swimming in the pool. Also, at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro there was an anti-Israeli incident. Members of the Lebanese team refused to take a bus with Israelis. The committee bowed to the will of the Lebanese delegation. The Israeli athlete Udi Gal reported on Facebook:

„2016 Olympics…shame on you. The Israeli delegation was preparing to board a bus to the opening ceremony, which was to be shared with the Lebanese delegation. The Lebanese, upon comprehending that they were to share a bus with the Israelis, addressed the driver in refusal and demanded that the door to the bus be shut. Event organizers then attempted to scatter us on different buses – something that is unacceptable for security and representative reasons. We insisted that we board the bus designated for us – and that the Lebanese should de-board if so they wish. So the bus driver opened the door. But this time, the head of the Lebanese delegation blocked the entrance to the bus with his own body. Event organizers – attempting to prevent a diplomatic incident – then organized a separate ride for us. But the diplomatic incident already occurred – shame! How can it be that something like this occurs on the eve of the Olympic opening ceremony? Does this not directly oppose what the Olympics represent and stand for…I cannot begin to express my feelings, I’m in shock from the incident.“

One must probably be an idealist not to be shocked, an idealist like Christian Zimmermann. He explains his participation for Palestine as follows:

„Especially as a German, I naturally wondered if I can do something. We Germans have a special responsibility for the Jewish people and for Israel. Our responsibility is also reflected by a will for justice in that we are pushing for a balance between the parties of the Middle East conflict, as difficult as that may be. But, we should also be critical of recent developments in recent Israeli policy.“

That’s German idealism! From the mass extermination of Jews by German hands, the German equestrian, Christian Zimmermann, has learned to climb into the saddle for exactly that organization which celebrates as heroes those terrorists who had murdered Jews during the Olympic Games. The organization that stands behind the Palestinian team reveres murderers as martyrs, even those who were close allies of Hitler. Even today, the Nazi salute is part of the folklore of Palestine. Fatah name schools and sports fields after murderers of Jews. The families of those murderers are handsomely rewarded, often with funds from the European Union, which are defined as reconstruction aid. Even today Fatah clerics explain peace can only be achieved if all Jews would be exterminated worldwide. Despite all that, one would probably have to be a German idealist in order to say:

„I therefore decided to participate for Palestine as a gesture in favor of the Palestinian people but not against Israel.“

Christian Zimmermann has two passports. One is from a country shamed by Hitler and the mass murder of Jews, and the other is from a territory which is proud of an association with Hitler and celebrates the murder of Jews. Guess which flag Christian Zimmermann chose to ride his horse for. Exactly. He is indeed meticulous in his decision making!

(Translation: William Wires)

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