Angry White Men

The excessive use of the term „angry white men“ shows how deep our society is permeated by racism and sexism.

I don’t judge people according to their skin color or gender. I do not care which sun protection factor a person uses or which genitals he or she has and uses.

Does anyone really seriously believe that the actions and decisions of people called „angry white men“ are determined by their skin color or gender? That’s racist and sexist! Deeds are the results of convictions and ideologies!

I have respect for people, but not for their ideologies, religions and beliefs. Respect people, not ideas! If anyone is offended when I criticize the Koran, the Gospel, a Manifesto, Marx, Mohammed, or Jesus, then they should feel offended. But, I will never give up laughing, doubting, criticizing and making fun of ideas. Whoever thinks I despise him or her just because I am joking about his or her faith, confuses persons with convictions. Humans are more than the sum of their ideas!

If a person is criticized because of his or her origins, that’s racism. If people are criticized for their convictions, that’s called enlightenment. Religions and ideologies originate in the mind. They can be criticized and ridiculed!

The fact that a large number of people, known as „angry white men“, are white and masculine is as irrelevant to their behavior as the fact that a large proportion of the terrorists are of Arabic origin. Their ideologies frame their deeds. Therefore, ideologies should be open to criticism. Racist nationalists torch asylum-seekers‘ homes! Sexist Islamists commit terrorist attacks! Religions and ideologies should be criticized, not the sexes and skin colors!

Would any one deny that the Inquisition had to do with Christianity? Of course, the Inquisition connected to Christianity! If Christians are no longer the barbarians who burned people at the stake and torched synagogues, then that’s due to the fact that they no longer blindly swallow what’s in the Bible. Christians became human when they disengaged themselves from blind obedience, criticized the Bible, took responsibility, and realized that the horror of the Inquisition had much to do with Christianity.

Interestingly, those who want to protect Islam from criticism are not infrequently the same people who ramble on about „angry white men“. Whoever won’t delve deeply into problems remains on the surface and will see only skin color and sex. That’s plain sexism and racism!


William Wires

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