I’m deeply embarrassed by my fellow German citizens

Dear world,

my name is Gerd Buurmann. I am a German citizen who would like to express my revulsion at the violence occurring in Hamburg right now.

Dear G20 rioters,

thanks a real lot for reminding the world how „German political opposition“ looks like: German storm troopers rampaging through the streets of Hamburg, torching cars, smashing windows and attacking the police of a democratically constituted republic; in a pitiful attempt to weaken the law, intimidate the citizenship and attack the elected leaders of other countries. That’s the face of Germany the world doesn’t want to see again!

Dear world,

I’m deeply embarrassed by my fellow German citizens and can assure you, I’ll never support such hate and violence. I will engage myself for my country’s constitution which guarantees life, liberty and justice.

The constitution Germany has today is due to the sacrifices your parents and grandparents once paid fighting a Nazi ideology that was actually violence against a republic. That type of opposition is simply an expression of hate. It is that which we are witnessing today in Hamburg!

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