God is smaller

My God has humor. Therefore, it’s funny to claim that God needs secular laws to protect his power. And it’s disrespectful to say that one shouldn’t laugh at God or sometimes at the very silly creatures he has created.

A wise man once said God doesn’t roll dice. But I believe that God not only rolls dice, but he also cheats. And, what do we do? We create theories and hope that in the time we live, breathe, eat and drink, the theory won’t be disproven. But eventually it will be disproven. A theory must be able to be disproven, otherwise the theory is not worth anything. Everything will be disproven at some point. I, too, will be disproven for eternity. That’s why life is so precious.

For a long time, I thought I was so incredibly afraid of death because I didn’t know what happens afterwards. But now I know that’s bullshit. In fact, I have this incredible fear because I know exactly what comes after life. We all know! We shouldn’t kid ourselves. Logically, there are only two possibilities: existence terminates or we exist forever. Forever!

Forever? We’ll laugh about that in ten years.

I was no more than twelve years old when I first tried to see eternity. It was an obsession of mine. In my parents‘ bedroom there were two large mirrors, one for dad, one for mom. I set the mirrors facing each other and voilà: there was eternity. All I had to do was look. But when I stood between the two mirrors, I merely saw myself.

What did I expect? I was standing in the way. Eternity was behind me. Although I was just a child, eternity was smaller. Eternity is always smaller.

God is infinite. That’s why he’s smaller, smaller than any of us, smaller than an atom. By the way, you can call him a goddess.

Translation: William Wires

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