Massive attack against Israel

Israel, May 29, 2018, 2:40 pm local time – During the past hours, dozens of missiles have been fired against Israel. Just before seven o’clock in the morning people and families in Nahal Oz in southern Israel were awoken from sirens. Since then, sirens have been sounding all over southern Israel.

During the last years, thousands of rockets and grenades have been fired at Israel. This is important to know since headlines will emphasize Israel attacking, but is in fact taking precise defensive measures.

The missiles are purposely aimed at schools, hospitals, homes for the elderly and kindergartens! The goal of each and every rocket is to kill as many Israelis as possible, whether they are children or the elderly. The intention of every rocket is mass murder!

Hamas, however, fails its goal of mass murder! The reason is quite clear: Israel has built an excellent defense system. The strategy of „Iron Dome“ is to shoot down approaching missiles before they reach their targets. Israel protects its own people. That’s the big difference between Israel and Hamas. Israel uses weapons to protect people. Hamas, however, uses people to protect its weapons. People are dying in Gaza because Hamas is abusing its population.

Hamas is firing missiles at Israeli schools and at the same time using its own schools, in which hatred of Jews is hammered into children’s brains, to shield weapons that are fired at Israel, only to lament all the louder when children are killed or hurt while being misused as child soldiers or as a human barrier. Of course, spreading photos of children’s corpses plays into the hands of the cynical instigators. Actually, this is how German media falls in line with the murderous propaganda of Hamas.

The Israeli military never intentionally aims at civilians. Every Israeli missile is fired in defense and with the clear message to weaken and disempower the destructive Hamas. Every Hamas missile, however, aims to terrorize and kill as many people, including children, as possible.

That is why fewer people die on the Israeli side than on the Gaza side. Hamas is too weak to execute mass murder. And by no means does weakness signifiy moral superiority. It’s very fortunate that Israel haters are too weak to carry out mass murder.

It’s clear that each and every death is one too many. That’s why Israel is committed in keeping the level of casualties as low as possible. With an enemy hiding behind children, hoarding weapons in schools and firing rockets from the roofs of hospitals, it’s practically super-human that the casualties don’t go into the tens of thousands.

Hamas wants to kill in large numbers, but can’t. Israel does have superior fire power, but holds back!

Israel loves life and wants to protect lives, even the lives of those children in the Gaza Strip who are instructed in schools, mosques and television programs that all Jews must be exterminated.

Only one rocket would have to be fired at Bavaria with intent to kill as many Germans as possible and the launch site would be flattened! No country on earth would act as calmly as Israel in regard to multiple and continuous attempts at genocide.

If Hamas had used all the money Gaza receives in aid to rebuild Gaza, instead of building rockets and digging tunnels, not only would all hospitals, power stations, old people’s homes and mosques be in perfect shape, Gaza would actually be one of the wealthiest areas in the Middle East! However, the hatred of Jews and Israel devours huge sums of aid money. Israel and Jews don’t pose a danger to Arab Palestinians, but hatred of Israel and hatred of Jews won’t improve Gaza or bring prosperity to its inhabitants!

Israel would have preferred Gaza to be its partner a thousand times more that to be its enemy.

The article is finished. It is now 4 pm and in Israel the alarm sirens are still blaring. That count is now more than 50 missiles fired against Israel. Hopefully Israel will successfully shoot down all the missiles before they carry out their murderous intent.

Translation: William Wires

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