Dear Jordan Peterson,

please reconsider!

You have launched a new anti-censorship website that will only take down offensive content if specifically ordered to by a US court. You say:

“Once you’re on our platform, we won’t take you down, unless we’re ordered to by a US court of law. That’s basically the idea. So we’re trying to make an anti-censorship platform.”

That’s a great idea! I’m a radical defender of free speech as stated in my article: „A radical case for freedom of expression“.

But there is a problem with your new site. You say, comments on his site would be voted on by users on a thumbs up or down basis:

“If your ratio of down votes to up votes, falls below 50/50, then your comments will be hidden.”

Dear Jordan Peterson,

please reconsider. This method has one big weakness.

There are over 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, but not even 16 million Jews. For every Jew there are a hundred Muslims. It is much easier to find a large number of Muslims who feel offended by a statement, no matter how harmless, than a large number of Jews who feel offended by a statement, no matter how brutal.

With this method the mob will take over control, because then it’s not the statement itself that matters, but how many people feel offended by it.

All you have to do is to „provoke“ enough people and you will likely be hidden. In an enlightened democracy, however, it is not the masses and the mob that rule, but reason and human rights. The fundamental rights of the individual cannot be abolished by a majority. Hatred of Jews often found and still finds a majority and was and is always wrong.

We are dealing with a victory of feeling and numbers over reason and the individual. That’s a serious problem that has to be remedied.

Alles Liebe,
Gerd Buurmann, Germany

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