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Rise of Jew hatred in Germany

On December 8, 2017, more than a thousand men and women demonstrated at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. They celebrated the Intifada, celebrated Hamas, burned the Star of David, shouted in Arabic „death, death, Israel“ and chanted „Khaybar, Khaybar ya … Weiterlesen

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To all the haters

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Jerusalem is the capital of Israel

A Jew, a Christian and a Muslim meet. Christian: You Jews killed Jesus! Jew: No, those were the Muslims. Muslim: That’s bullshit. Two thousand years ago there were no Muslims. Christian: He’s right! Jew: That’s right. Now we can discuss … Weiterlesen

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German redemption through forced labor

Israel, you wonderful nation, don’t let yourself be used by self-named German patriots who call you as a witness for their ideologies. They don’t really care about you. They’ll just as quickly throw you under the bus. After the parliamentary … Weiterlesen

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“Give the victims a face!“

On August 25, 2017, I visited Breitscheid Place in Berlin, where an Islamic killer after having shot the driver of a truck of which he took control of and ran down twelve people on December 19, 2016. In memory of … Weiterlesen

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Doubt makes us human

Questions fuel the engines of progress. Doubt makes us human. Wherever doubt is restricted and replaced by certainty, freedom suffers because certainty tends to define doubt as dangerous for a secure society. Religions are inherently extremist. They are testimonies of … Weiterlesen

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I’m deeply embarrassed by my fellow German citizens

Dear world, my name is Gerd Buurmann. I am a German citizen who would like to express my revulsion at the violence occurring in Hamburg right now. Dear G20 rioters, thanks a real lot for reminding the world how „German … Weiterlesen

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