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BBC participates in a war against Israel

On the night of August 8 – 9, 2018, Israel was again under massive attack from the Gaza Strip. Whereupon the BBC produced the following headline: Not a single word that more than 150 rockets had been fired previously at … Weiterlesen

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There is a fundamental problem with Facebook!

On Facebook, entries are deleted when they are reported by many people. However, this method has one big weakness. There are over 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, but not even 16 million Jews. For every Jew there are a … Weiterlesen

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Ireland passes anti-peace bill and supports apartheid

There are nearly 1,694,000 Muslims living peacefully with Jews in Israel. They are the neighbors, colleagues, teachers, lawyers, judges, deputies, police officers, firefighters, soldiers, cooks, sexual partners and much, much more of the Jewish population. They laugh, live, eat, cry … Weiterlesen

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Dear protesters on the streets of London,

You say that Donald Trump has no right to be in your country because sexists, homophobes and fundamentalists have no place in Britain. Fair enough! But you do realize that Trump is just one of thousands of people who have … Weiterlesen

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The day Trump is no longer President of the USA

At some point Trump will no longer be President and then the bar will be as low in dealing with the new President as Trump is dealt with today. Just saying.

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Argentina and Lionel Messi knuckle under to hatred

Daniel Tregermann was four years old in 2014 when he was killed by a mortar shell fired at Israel from Gaza. Daniel loved soccer and was a fan of Lionel Messi. He always wore a Argentine national team jersey with … Weiterlesen

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Massive attack against Israel

Israel, May 29, 2018, 2:40 pm local time – During the past hours, dozens of missiles have been fired against Israel. Just before seven o’clock in the morning people and families in Nahal Oz in southern Israel were awoken from … Weiterlesen

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