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German Foreign Minister finds it difficult to explain why support of Israel must continue

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel says that „in Germany, and even within my own Social Democratic Party, more and more young people“ have a problem with Israel. He also laments that „it’s getting harder and harder for people like me … Weiterlesen

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Ahed Tamimi is free!

Ahed Tamimi is an Arab girl. She is best known for her appearances in photos and videos in which she actively provokes Israeli soldiers. Such recorded escalations are used in the propaganda war which demonizes Israel and makes terrorism look … Weiterlesen

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The German Federal Foreign Office hits the wrong note on Israel

Imagine a hostage situation whereby several hostages have already been shot. Let us suppose that among the many surviving hostages there is one who hasn’t paid a traffic ticket, another who evaded taxes and another who’s committed some other crime. … Weiterlesen

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Friends, Americans, countrymen and women, lend me your ears

My dear American friends, As a citizen of Germany I’d like to share some of my thoughts concerning the future. Last year I noticed something happening a little more often than during the previous eight years. Americans were apologizing to … Weiterlesen

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Open letter to Lorde

Lorde has decided to cancel her 2018 concert in Tel Aviv following calls for the singer to withdraw from the gig due to the ongoing cultural boycott. Dear Lorde, There are nearly 1,694,000 Muslims living peacefully with Jews in Israel. … Weiterlesen

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Rise of Jew hatred in Germany

On December 8, 2017, more than a thousand men and women demonstrated at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. They celebrated the Intifada, celebrated Hamas, burned the Star of David, shouted in Arabic „death, death, Israel“ and chanted „Khaybar, Khaybar ya … Weiterlesen

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To all the haters

You can kiss my capital!

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