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I’m deeply embarrassed by my fellow German citizens

Dear world, my name is Gerd Buurmann. I am a German citizen who would like to express my revulsion at the violence occurring in Hamburg right now. Dear G20 rioters, thanks a real lot for reminding the world how „German … Weiterlesen

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Facebook blocks a German’s criticism of Jew hatred

Twice within a short space of time I, Gerd Buurmann, was blocked by Facebook. The reason in both cases was apparently related to my articles and photos against Jew hatred. On July 1, 2017, I was blocked by Facebook because … Weiterlesen

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The Stumblestone family

The Germans’ favorite Jews are Mr. and Mrs. Stumblestone and their children. They’re not fresh, they keep quiet, know their place in society and in history. They just lie on the ground and produce good feelings. And you can trample … Weiterlesen

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What’s happening in Germany is incomprehensible

Every month each and every household in Germany must pay 17.50 euros to German public broadcasting in order to guarantee quality programming. Whether obligatory financing is a decisive factor in the creation of quality is questionable, but that’s what’s being … Weiterlesen

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A public television debacle

German public television commissions a documentary film about anti-Semitism, and then refuses to include it in their programming. The reasons are scandalous! Today I saw the film documentary „Selected and Excluded – Jew Hatred in Europe“ by Joachim Schroeder and … Weiterlesen

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The new xenophobia

„Rising levels of crime due to foreigners.“ During the past few weeks such headlines have been frequent in the German media. They are very xenophobic! French, Spaniards, Chinese, Koreans, Canadians and Icelanders are all foreigners. But, in Germany there is … Weiterlesen

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The Jewish settlers are not the problem!

Are you surprised by the title of this article? Don’t you hear and read all the time that the Jewish settlers are the biggest obstacle to peace in the Middle East? Have you ever heard someone defend Jewish settlers? Then … Weiterlesen

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