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Dear Jill Stein,

There are nearly 1,694,000 Muslims living peacefully with Jews in Israel. They are the neighbors, colleagues, teachers, lawyers, judges, deputies, police officers, firefighters, soldiers, cooks, sexual partners and much, much more of the Jewish population. They laugh, live, eat, cry … Weiterlesen

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A day with Rana Ahmad in Cologne

„They just picked them up? And nobody protested?“ Rana Ahmad is crying. She can’t believe what happened back then. She’s standing near a fountain in Cologne where there was once a Jewish school. The school was closed by the Nazis. … Weiterlesen

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If Hillary were a man

If Hillary were a man the headlines would be like this: „Despite serious illness, Hillary Clinton expresses her patriotism by attending 9/11 memorial ceremonies.“

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Facebook, change your Community Standards! Now!

Please spread this message. Facebook must change its Community Standards immediately! Facebook must stop its massive discrimination against minorities! On Facebook millions of users spill out their contempt of Jews and gays. There are calls for violence against gays and … Weiterlesen

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Is Hillary Clinton in danger of being killed?

Donald Trump says, Barack Obama founded ISIS. Donald Trump says, Hillary Clinton founded ISIS. ISIS is the enemy of the USA. If the life of an American is threatened by ISIS, the citizen can shoot the attacker. The constitution gives … Weiterlesen

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A German „idealist“ rides for Palestine

Christian Zimmermann is a 54-year-old equestrian from Cologne, Germany. About himself he says: „I’m very meticulous.“ Christian Zimmermann has a clear goal: „to take part in the Olympics.“ There’s only one problem. He is not good enough to compete for … Weiterlesen

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That’s not good enough, dear ZDF!

Dear editor of heuteplus, After a report on Israel which assumed that the murder of Palestinian children was being taught in Israeli schools caused extensive repercussions worldwide, which the blog, Tapfer im Nirgendwo, defined as one of the worst slanders … Weiterlesen

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