Weakness is not moral superiority

Israel, May 2021 – Israel is currently suffering large scale rocket attacks. Alarm sirens are wailing all over Israel. Citizens are startled out of their sleep; children, women and men spend the day in air raid bunkers. Schools and kindergartens remain closed. On May 11, in the coastal city of Ashkelon, two women were killed by a rocket launched from Gaza.

During previous years thousands of rockets have been fired at Israel repeatedly. All rockets fired at Israel are deliberately fired in the direction of schools, hospitals, retirement homes and kindergartens. The goal of each rocket is to kill as many Israelis as possible, may they be children or the elderly. Hamas openly states the motivation for its attacks on civilians in its founding charter, where Article 7 calls for the destruction of the Jewish people.

The intention of every rocket is mass murder!

However, Hamas fails to achieve mass murder. Israel has built an excellent defense system. The Iron Dome has so far been able to shoot down most of the rockets in the air before they could hit any targets. Israel protects its own population. Nevertheless, people are injured and killed in Israel. In Gaza, too, people are being injured and killed by errant rockets launched by Hamas terrorists. That illustrates the big difference between Israel and Hamas:

Israel uses weapons to protect people. Hamas uses people to protect its weapons.

People are dying because Hamas is abusing people in Gaza. Hamas shells Israeli schools and at the same time uses its own schools, to hammer hatred in children’s brains, uses them as human shields at rocket launch sites, only to cynically lament all the louder when those abused children are injured or even die.

Not a single missile fired by Israel is with intention to kill civilians. Every rocket is fired to defend,  and also – with clear warnings – to destroy the terrorist infrastructure and stop the leaders of Hamas. On the contrary, each and every Hamas rocket is aimed to kill as many people as possible, including children.

This is the reason why fewer people die in Israel than in Gaza. Hamas is momentarily too weak to execute mass murder.

Weakness is not moral superiority.

It’s a good thing that Israel haters are too weak to demonstrate their hatred of Israelis.

Every death is one too many. That’s why Israel goes to incredible lengths to keep casualties low, even among its enemies. With an enemy that hides behind children, hoards its weapons in schools, and fires rockets from the roofs of hospitals, it’s a testament to incredible charity and love of one’s enemy when the death toll isn’t measured in the thousands.

Hamas aims to commit mass murder, but doesn’t have the capabilities. Israel could kill en masse, but doesn’t want to.

Israel loves life and wants to protect it, even the lives of children and innocents on the side of the enemies who are taught in their schools, mosques, parliaments and on television that all Jews must be killed.

Hardly a country on earth would act as prudently as Israel in response to the official Hamas declarations and multiple attempts at genocide.

If Hamas had used all the money that the rockets and tunnels cost to build Gaza, not only would all the hospitals, energy plants, retirement homes and mosques still be standing in Gaza, they would also be well equipped. With all the money Gaza has received, Gaza should actually be one of the richest regions in the Middle East. However, the desire to destroy Israel and the hatred for Jews has devoured all that aid money. It’s not Israel that poses a danger to the Arabs, but rather their hatred of Israel and the Jews. Prosperity doesn’t come from hate.

Israel would a thousand times rather have Gaza as a partner than as an enemy.

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(Translation: William Wires)

Über tapferimnirgendwo

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