Propaganda video by terrorists for terrorists

On December 20, 2008, Arab terrorists released a hate film about the Bataclan Theater and café, in which brutal murders recently took place. Back then, a group of scarved men pushed their way into the entrance of the Bataclan to deliver a message to the Jewish owners. A man said:

„In the neighborhood, anger and revulsion has reached a level we can’t control any longer. So now, we have a clear message for the theater manager. Today, we’re friendly, but I have to let you know, that with all the built-up anger, we can’t keep the lid on for much longer. We just wanted to tell you that before we go away. And remember: our patience is wearing thin!“

This video was made as a propaganda tool by terrorists for terrorists. The terrorists who murdered on November 13, 2015 must have seen this video. Therefore, this theater was most certainly deliberately chosen.

The attack was against all of us, but clearly had anti-Semitic aspects, which are shamefully not being addressed in the media! Therefore, it’s up to us to do something about it. Please share this video!

(Translation: William Wires)

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