Israel reacts disproportionately!

The declared intention of Hamas is to destroy Israel and annihilate the Jewish people. Is the Israelis respond disproportionately when they defend themselves?

Yes, Israel responds disproportionately. Disproportionately humane!

Sometimes in just one day hundreds of rockets are fired from Gaza at Israel, a nation about the size of New Jersey. Hamas launches missiles from schools, hospitals, nuclear power plants, retirement homes, mosques, synagogues and churches! The purpose of each rocket is to kill as many Israelis – of any age and sex – as possible. The motivation for the attacks on civilians is spelled out in their charter: the destruction of the entire Jewish people! The intention of each Hamas rocket is genocidal!

The only reason Hamas fails is because Israel has built an excellent defense system. The only reason there are few casualties in Israel is because Israel protects its own population. Israel uses its weapons to protect people. Hamas uses people to protect its weapons, weapons for the mass murder of Jews. The Jewish people refuse to let themselves be slaughtered. Israel is ready to defend itself!

Hamas bombards Israeli schools, hospitals, nuclear power plants, retirement homes, mosques, synagogues and churches and uses hospitals, power plants, nursing homes and mosques in Gaza as a shield behind which they fire at Israeli schools, hospitals, nuclear power plants, retirement homes, mosques, synagogues and churches, knowing full well that these hospitals, power plants, nursing homes and mosques in Gaza can be legitimately attacked in defense.

No single Israeli missile or bomb is fired with intent to kill civilians, but rather with a clear mission to overthrow Hamas. On the other hand, each and every rocket Hamas fires, is aimed to kill as many people as possible, including children.

It would probably take only a single rocket fired at the United States with the intention to kill as many Americans as possible, to trigger a devastating retaliatory strike against the rocket launching area!

Had Hamas used all the money it wasted on rockets and tunnels to instead improve life for the inhabitants of Gaza, there would not only be hospitals, power plants, nursing homes and mosques, these buildings would also be well equipped. With all the money that Gaza has received, Gaza should actually be among the richest places in the Middle East! Instead, the entire wealth was invested in hate and focused on destroying Israel and exterminating the Jews. Israel and the Jews pose no danger to Gazans, rather the hatred of Israel and the Jews! But hatred doesn’t bring prosperity! Israel would immeasurably rather have Gaza as a business partner than as an enemy.

In the face of warfare, Israel takes unparalleled precautions and efforts to warn the civilian population of military action. On the other hand, Hamas is willing to sacrifice the civilian population in Gaza in order to destroy Israel. But even that won’t succeed, because Israel aims to avoid as many civilian deaths as possible and weeps over each dead child.

The answer is simple and clear:

Any other country in the world faced with the same threat would have wiped out Gaza long ago. But, Israel still has hope in humanity.

(Translation: William Wires)

Über tapferimnirgendwo

Als Theatermensch spiele, schreibe und inszeniere ich für diverse freie Theater. Im Jahr 2007 erfand ich die mittlerweile europaweit erfolgreiche Bühnenshow „Kunst gegen Bares“. Als Autor verfasse ich Theaterstücke, Glossen und Artikel. Mit meinen Vorträgen über Heinrich Heine, Hedwig Dohm und dem von mir entwickelten Begriff des „Nathankomplex“ bin ich alljährlich unterwegs. Und Stand Up Comedian bin ich auch. Mein Lebensmotto habe ich von Kermit, dem Frosch: „Nimm, was Du hast und flieg damit!
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