H O L I D A Y R E S O R T S !

A modest proposal by Becky Barum.

And again I come to the conclusion, that the only hope for Israel is, to build holiday resorts. Alot. Now.

Millions of holiday makers worldwide will spend their anual weeks of recreation in Turkey. Because it’s cheap and good.

Nobody gives a damn about human rights, freedom of speach, or battered minorities if you can stuff your face with food and booze 24/7.

So if we had sparkling holiday resorts with pool bars and Kebab adventure restaurants along the beaches of Shefayim instead of Kibbutz Hotels with 60’s charme and thuna salad, millions of bigott germans and british would storm the El Al descs to book a holiday in sunny Israel.

Have you ever heard anyone mentioning Haiti and the smashed towns and homeless children, when planning a trip to the domenican republic? Of course not! Because nobody gives a shit, about poverty and sexual illnesses if you are having cocktails and Merengue courses with Fernando just a few steps behind the electric fence!

So Israel, what is it all about our high moral standards, environment protection and culture? Nobody gives a fuck! They think we are all cold and hateful Occupiers anyway. So the hell!

H O L I D A Y R E S O R T S !

And nobody will care again if there are so called palestinians behind a wall or not! West the bloody what? Never heard of it! We’ve booked a five star holiday at Zohan Palace at Mikhmoret! Drink and eat all day!


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