Who the heck writes the dpa press releases?

On Nov. 28, 2015 in Jerusalem, an Israeli security officer was stabbed in the neck with a knife by an Arab attacker. Israeli security officials were on patrol in the historic city of Jerusalem when they were attacked. Shortly thereafter in a second incident, a woman was attacked at a bus stop. The latter offender was able to escape. However, the attacker who had stabbed the officer was shot dead on the spot. The German Press Agency (dpa) wrote up the events thusly:

“Palestinian shot in knife attack in Jerusalem”

„The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed a death in the Old City without giving further details. According to the Ministry, 105 Palestinians have lost their lives since the beginning of October. According to Israel, these were mostly attackers who were shot while attacking Israelis. In the same time period, 19 Israelis were also killed.“

Who the heck writes the German Press Agency press releases?

An officer and a woman were attacked because they are Israelis and Jewish. An assassin was stopped in his murderous attempt. The dpa writes, “Palestinian shot in knife attack in Jerusalem” as if the „Palestinian“ were a victim of an attack. But, the attackers are the offenders!

With such a German news agency, it’s no wonder that German language newspapers describe so-called Palestinians unanimously as victims. That’s really the limit when the Mittelbayrische (Central Bavarian Newspaper) unashamedly prints:

„Jerusalem: Man Dies in Knife Attack“

Jerusalem: Palestinian killed after knife attack
– Heavily armed soldiers patrol in the narrow alleys of the Old City. The second incidence occurred…

Jerusalem: Palestinian killed during knife attack
– New violence in Jerusalem: Israeli security shot a Palestinian attacker, who…

New attacks in Jerusalem: Palestinian shot
– There’s no end to violence in the Gaza conflict. In Jerusalem a Palestinian was…

Palestinian shot during knife attack
– During two knife attacks in Jerusalem on Sunday, two persons were injured. One of the attackers was…

Jerusalem: Israeli border official severely injured in knife attack
– On Sunday morning during another knife attack near the Old City in Jerusalem a border guard…

Jerusalem: man dies in knife attack
– Tel Aviv. Israeli security shot Palestinian attacker in Jerusalem after…

Violence in the Middle East: Palestinian shot after knife attack

Formally correct, but formulated in a way to avoid printing the word Israeli (or Jew) under any circumstances, and also implying the offender as being a victim. The Nazis had a snappy slogan for that sort of attitude: „The Jews are our misfortune!“

Thanks to the dpa!

(Transaltion: William Wires)

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