Ahed Tamimi is free!

Ahed Tamimi is an Arab girl. She is best known for her appearances in photos and videos in which she actively provokes Israeli soldiers. Such recorded escalations are used in the propaganda war which demonizes Israel and makes terrorism look like legitimate form of resistance. The possible death of the child is taken for granted by her parents and guardians.

Child abuse is frequently employed – even by parents – in the propaganda war against Israel. In the following video, a father, willing to sacrifice his own son as a martyr, pushes the small boy violently in the direction of Israeli soldiers and coaxes him to throw stones at them. The Israeli soldiers, however, show compassion towards the innocent boy.

A father’s provocations fail.

While the boy in the video hasn’t yet succumbed to his father’s hatred, Ahed Tamimi’s soul has been severely damaged, as shown in this video.

In December 2017, Ahed Tamimi was arrested, in effect freeing her from the clutches of the parents and guardians, who’ve been abusing her. To return Ahed Tamimi to her parents would mean handing her over to the very people who’ve turned her into a child soldier. In custody, she enjoys freedom from those who’ve abused her by planting hatred in her heart.

Ahed Tamimi is the victim of an indoctrination similar to that once carried out in Germany in the Bund Deutscher Mädchen (Organization of German Girls). During Nazi rule, this organization was the female counterpart to the Hitler Youth. Suggesting Ahed Tamimi be returned to such conditions constitutes collaboration with child abusers.

Healing Ahed’s soul, liberating her heart from hatred won’t be easy. Perhaps she’s lost. But certainly she’ll be out of the hands of those who formed her into a child soldier in the propaganda war.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir once said:

„When peace comes we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons.“

But, the indoctrination continues. The funny Hamas bunny Assud, who loves to devour Jews, calls children to war against unbelievers.

The Hamas Mickey Mouse leads children to sing songs about the heroic act of assassination.

Colorful videos put children in the mood for suicide bombings. In the following music video, children in heaven who have become holy through suicide attacks praise the war against Jews:

Ahed Tamimi was removed from such hatred. Her arrest by Israeli forces is probably the most humane thing that has ever happened to her in her young life. But hate festers deep in her heart; It has damaged her soul. One can only hope that she’ll soon free herself from hatred.


Translation: William Wires


Über tapferimnirgendwo

Als Theatermensch spiele, schreibe und inszeniere ich für diverse freie Theater. Im Jahr 2007 erfand ich die mittlerweile europaweit erfolgreiche Bühnenshow „Kunst gegen Bares“. Als Autor verfasse ich Theaterstücke, Glossen und Artikel. Mit meinen Vorträgen über Heinrich Heine, Hedwig Dohm und dem von mir entwickelten Begriff des „Nathankomplex“ bin ich alljährlich unterwegs. Und Stand Up Comedian bin ich auch. Mein Lebensmotto habe ich von Kermit, dem Frosch: „Nimm, was Du hast und flieg damit!
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