This is not antifa. This is fa!

Journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted by Antifa protestors in Portland, Oregon on June, 29th.

It’s frightening to see how many people are turning to fear, insecurity, hatred and violence. I would have expected such violence from the Klu Klux Klan. I expected fascists to act this way, but it’s the so-called anti-fascists.

„If we allow people to be removed from public discourse by force, and although I may loathe their statements, believe me, Gerd, we Jews will be the next ones to go.“

Those were the words of my host father, Jim Davidson, a successful lawyer in the United States of America. I owe him. My conversations with him impressed me. His warning impressed me.

How should I know that those who attacking Andy Ngo may not attack me in the future because they think I represent a danger? I don’t know! But, I know my host father was right. Jews are always the next ones, if not the first ones. On October 27, 2016, Jews were removed from a London university because the police could no longer guarantee for their safety. When the police arrived at the scene, they witnessed a terrible scenario of Jew hatred:

The approximately 25 students attending the lecture had to lock themselves together with their lecturer Hen Mazzig in a small room while a violent mob was forming outside. A student described the situation as follows:

“There was a lot of shouting and banging on the door. We were all afraid, but we were trying to concentrate on the lecture. It was insane. Despite the door banging, Hen continued to speak of peace. That was really very nice, because we were united and sang a song of hope despite the noise from outside.”

The lecturer, Hen Mazzig, who was invited as a humanitarian affairs commissioner, later said, “I was surprised that they targeted my message of peace and coexistence. It was really hard to talk above all the noise.”

When some of the mob managed to pry open a window, the police knew that violence impended. However, the 20 police officers weren’t enough to control the Jew-hating mob. Instead, the ones being attacked were removed from the university grounds. Hen Mazzig was forced to leave the university with his students through a narrow corridor of hate-filled people who shouted at them: “Shame on you!”

I can well imagine why Hen Mazzig was targeted. He is Jewish, Israeli and gay. These are three characteristics that both Hamas and Fatah hate! The leaders of the Palestinian movement make no secret of the fact that “Free, Free Palestine“ is a slogan to murder Jews, destroy Israel and execute homosexuals. This kind of hate erupts frequently. A few years ago, musicians were shouted down at the Royal Albert Hall in London because they were Israelis:

Israelis are shouted down and driven from lecture halls:

Concerts are disrupted because the musicians are Israeli:

Artists such as Lars Vilks are attacked in lecture halls:

For Jews and Israelis, universities, concert halls and lecture rooms in Europe and America have now become war zones. They are even removed by the police because they can’t guarantee their safety.

I know the motivation of the troublemakers. It is self-pride and arrogance that drives them to dictate to others what they were allowed to hear. They shout: “Beware the beginnings!“ But the beginnings they mean are nothing but the beginnings of a future that they construe. They take other people hostage on account of their own fears. This, however, is the root of totalitarian thinking which allows for force over thought.

It’s characteristic of those aggressors to shout down other people and denounce them as Nazis! For them, the term Nazi is merely an insult which they always scream when they want to silence an opponent. They don’t care about the fact that they trivialize true Nazism, offend Jews and ultimately question the Holocaust. They feel morally superior. Every one is supposedly a Nazi except themselves!

Even if one is disgusted by another person’s ideas, they cannot attack him. Free speech means that all speech is free, even the speech you hate.


Translation: William Wires

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5 Antworten zu This is not antifa. This is fa!

  1. Leopard schreibt:

    Die Antifa ist nicht wirklich gegen Nazis im eigentlichen Sinne, sie sieht diese – wie viele andere – in linker Tradition als „Faschisten“, eine Massenbewegung zur künstlichen Aufrechterhaltung eines Regimes. Wenn sie sich der (Neo)Nazis entledigt hat wird sie einfach neue und weitere „Faschisten“ entdecken und verfolgen. Gegen echte Nazis ist sie im Falle von deren Machtergreifung wahrscheinlich wirkungslos, so hat man von links nach Hitlers „Machtergreifung“ 1933 meist nur „symbolisch“ Widerstand geleistet, was wohl bedeutete dass man die Hände in die Taschen legte und nichts tat. Schlimmer noch: So wie damals würden wahrscheinlich ganze Trupps einfach die Seiten wechseln. War auch 1933 so, ganze Kampftrupps gingen zu den Nazis über und brauchten nicht mal ihre Stammkneipe zu wechseln. Ganz nebenbei noch bemerkt: Nur weil die Antifa gegen Nazis und Faschismus sein wollen heißt es noch lange nicht dass sie die Guten sind. Stalin, Kim Il Sung und Pol Pot sahen sich auch als Antifaschisten.

    • A.S. schreibt:

      Antifa sind gewaltbereite Opportunisten, die sich jeder Stimmung anschließen, die es ihnen erlaubt die Sau rauszulassen. Man wählt die Seite mit den geringsten Opportunitätskosten. Wäre der Ruf des Natzionalismus nicht dermaßen ruiniert, würden viele der jetzigen Antifanten auf der anderen Seite stehen.

  2. Modern Nazis in action.
    See also:
    I have never met antisemitism in Britain… until now

  3. A.S. schreibt:

    There is no antifa.
    There ist only fascism or not fascism. Antifa is fascism.

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