This is so wrong that not even the opposite is true

„Western Christianity’s guilt-ridden anti-Judaism and Western antisemitism resulted in two catastrophes,“ explains Protestant theologian, Ulrich Duchrow. One catastrophe is the murder of six million Jews. So, what was the other catastrophe? The theologian is very specific: „The silence of the West concerning Israel’s efforts, made possible through the United Nations (UN), to divide up Palestine“.

It seems only an Protestant theologian can perform this magical trick:

Ulrich Duchrow says that the mass murder of Jews in Europe and the present State of Israel are the two sides of a coin in regard to the Holocaust.

That’s how the German theologian legitimizes violence against Jews which he calls „resistance“: „Indeed, over the decades, Palestinians have resisted the illegal occupation, which is contrary to international law.” Ulrich Duchrow lists „stone throwing“, as well as „stabbings and a few rockets fired against Israeli” as types of resistance against repression.

In recent years thousands of rockets and grenades have been fired at Israel. The rockets were deliberately fired in the direction of schools, hospitals, retirement homes and kindergartens! The goal of each missile is to murder as many Israelis as possible, whether children or the elderly. The motivation for the attacks on civilians is openly stated by Hamas in its founding charter, in which Article 7 calls for the extermination of the Jewish people worldwide:

„Time will not dawn until Muslims fight the Jews and kill them.“

Israeli oppression and provocation is understood through the mere existence of Jews. A German theologian now adopts the same rhetoric and justification aimed to extinguish Jewish existence. Resistance against the Jews is exactly the rhetoric with which the Nazis also justified their crimes. Rarely has an theologian regurgitated Martin Luther’s hatred of the Jews in all its putridness:

„Such a desperate, thoroughly evil poisonous, and devilish lot are these Jews, who for these fourteen hundred years have been and still are our plague, our pestilence, and our misfortune.“

Ulrich Duchrow romanticizes the anti-Jewish campaign BDS as a „non-violent initiative to end the occupation“ and blurts out sentences like this: „A now a once more innocent Germany and an Israel that is inherently innocent because of its role as a victim in the Holocaust support each other in their thirst for power“.

The conclusions are mind-boggling: Israel is eternally innocent because of the Holocaust. Remembering a crime like the Holocaust is not just compelling logic, but reflects evil intentions on the part of the Jews. Israelis don’t have feelings, fears, and traumas. Jews remember the Holocaust not because they can’t forget it, but because they don’t want to forget it. They use the Holocaust like a cold weapon, calculating and emotionless. They must be a truly „desperate, thoroughly evil poisonous, and devilish“ lot.

And what do Israelis do with such a weapon? What „devils“ usually do. The theologian gets specific, again: „Israel tries everything in its power to get rid of as many Palestinians as possible. (…) So everything is done to decimate Palestinians“. The theologian conceals the fact that the Palestinian population in Israel has grown steadily. Instead he diverts attention: „The wall in Bethlehem separates Jews and Palestinians“.

This is so wrong that not even the opposite is true. The border fence doesn’t separate Jews from Palestinians. Palestinians live on both sides of the border. The fence separates the land of Israel, where Jews and Palestinians live side by side on equal terms, from the area where Jews are persecuted and Palestinians must fear for their lives if they don’t submit to an undemocratic and illegitimate government which has been abusive for years.

On one side of the border fence is the Israeli Declaration of Independence. „We reach out to our neighbors and their peoples a hand of peace. As an independent Jewish people, we call for good neighborliness, cooperation and mutual assistance. The State of Israel is ready to make its contribution in joint efforts for progress in the entire Middle East“.

On the other side of the border fence, Mufti Muhammad Hussein, whom Abbas personally appointed as the „spiritual leader of Palestinian autonomy“, spoke the following words on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of the governing Fatah party to a cheering crowd: „The hour of resurrection will not come until we have destroyed the Jews.

Thanks to the border fence, many attacks within Israel have been prevented. But for Ulrich Duchrow the border fence is in itself criminal. He begins an article in the Evangelical Messenger with the words: „On the subject of Palestine, I had long held the opinion that we as Germans should practice restraint.“

That’s over now. For him it’s now clear: The Israelis have profited long enough from the Holocaust! And that’s not enough; his assertions are even more blatant. He says Israel’s behavior is an integral part of the crime called the Holocaust.

Translation: William Wires

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