What’s with the Democrats?

In the past, a majority in the Democratic Party violently opposed the abolition of slavery by the Republicans under Lincoln. Then they agitated politically against the Republicans who gave former slaves the right to vote. Some Democrats reacted by creating the terrorist organization, Ku Klux Klan. Later, the Democrats fought against allowing women to vote and when women were finally allowed to hold political office, the first female Democratic leader was a former slave owner.

The Democrats fought against the emancipation of women and blacks, stating that they weren’t intelligent enough. But, the American Constitution defines how democracy works: Not only those who the Democrats consider to be smart, good and educated may govern or vote, but every adult! Even those who dislike policies of the Democrats.

Today, the Democrats still think they are superior and are fighting desperately to remove the elected Republican President, who in their eyes was elected by ignorant people. Again, they harbor nothing but disdain for their political opponents.

There is however an easy way to remove a President. Just vote for another President. Just be better!

The Constitution provides for elections, not impeachments.

Why is it that Democrats still have such a hard time with democracy?

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