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Free speech? I don’t think so.

On September 28, 2015 in the television talk show “Hart aber Fair” (hard but fair), Zekeriya Altug from the Muslim association DITIB, demanded „that sacred things like the Koran or the prophets should be respected and not insulted.“ When the … Weiterlesen

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„Abbas disavows Oslo Middle East peace process“

That’s today’s breaking news (September 30, 2015) from the Middle East. I’m curious as to whether at least one newspaper will print the true headline: „Abbas admits non-compliance with Oslo Middle East peace process.“ May I again politely ask: which … Weiterlesen

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Dear Rabbi Amar

In summer 2015 an Israeli teen was murdered by an ultra-Orthodox man during the Jerusalem Gay Pride parade. Months later the city’s chief rabbi Shlomo Amar has lashed out at the LGBT community. He condemns the murder, but also says … Weiterlesen

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Der Theatermarathon

Am Freitag, 2. Oktober 2015 ist es wieder soweit! Der Theatermarathon im Rahmen der Theaternacht von und mit Gerd Buurmann und Tobias Weber am 2. Oktober 2015 ab 20 Uhr in der Studiobühne an der Universitätsstr. 16 Tobias Weber und … Weiterlesen

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