Dear Rabbi Amar

In summer 2015 an Israeli teen was murdered by an ultra-Orthodox man during the Jerusalem Gay Pride parade. Months later the city’s chief rabbi Shlomo Amar has lashed out at the LGBT community. He condemns the murder, but also says homosexuality will disappear because „it’s not natural“.

„I believe that this phenomenon will wane and disappear, because most of the public is disgusted by it and detest it.“

Dear Rabbi,

how can I explain it to you? I’ll try it this way:

If everything disappeared just because of many people being disgusted by it and detest it, there would be no Jews anymore. It is not going to happen! Jews and gays are here to stay, no matter how many hateful people are against them!

They are queer, they are here, get used to it!

Next year in Jerusalem!

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