You Jew hating assholes,

who are now gleefully sharing a video on the internet showing an Israeli soldier shooting an Arab terrorist in the head. Your enthrallment is disgusting. In the video you extract the proof you so desperately need to prove an inherent “evilness of Jews”. It’s sickening!

The video, which was released last Thursday by the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, shows an Israeli soldier in Hebron shooting a wounded Arab terrorist, who had just seriously injured an Israeli soldier with a knife. The soldier was brought away in an ambulance.

Why are you so thrilled about this video? Arab terrorists armed with guns, knives, axes, hatchets, scissors and cars have been murdering Jews for decades. Those killers crawl through tunnels and sneak into homes. They murder men, women and children on public streets and squares, in cafes, bars and synagogues. And they are celebrated as heroes and martyrs by Hamas and Fatah. Squares and streets are named after them. The families of Jew murdering sons and daughters are rewarded with generous pensions, which are sometimes financed by European organizations, even indirectly through the European Parliament. Children are brutalized and dehumanized in training camps run by Fatah and Hamas organizations, and are then sent out to kill Jews.

But you don’t share these detestable facts on the internet. You’re not upset when Jews are killed; you’re thrilled! You get excited only about photos that depict the “evil Jew”. You’re merely blinded by hatred!

You don’t acknowledge the military’s consideration of this „serious incident“ as a violation of “the values ​​of the Israeli army“. You don’t take note that an internal investigation has already been ordered by military commanders. You ignore the fact that the soldier has been suspended. You can’t see the obvious difference between Israel’s overall denunciation of unnecessary violence against all people, regardless of their respective origins, and the widespread Arab promotion of Jew hatred whereby the murder of Jews is rewarded and celebrated!

You’re always readily excusing Arab murderers. You act as if not the Arabs themselves and their governments had any responsibility at all for their own plight, but place the blame entirely on Israel. If Israel’s Arab neighbors would use the massive amount of funds and relief supplies they receive from all over the world (and even from Israel) to build a decent infrastructure and to educate their citizens, then hope and peace would spread throughout the Arab world, rather than hate, blame and war!

Why you are so acquiescent with Arab terrorists? Why do you excuse their deeds? Because they hate Jews? Towards Jews you are apathetic. As expressed in their founding charter, Hamas politicians call for the annihilation of all Jews. They celebrate Hitler and the Holocaust by constantly using the Nazi salute at public events and they fire thousands of rockets at Israel year for year.

But if a Jew, under the pressure of such intense hatred and mortal threat, flips out, not only is he criticized, but all of Judaism. And when Arabs, full of hatred and armed with guns, axes, knives, cars, rockets, axes and scissors attack, injure and kill Jews, then these attackers are excused as poor desperate “victims”.

I can’t remain polite in the face of such attitudes. For me, you’re nothing but vile, anti-Semitic assholes!

(Translation: William Wires)

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9 Antworten zu You Jew hating assholes,

  1. Janet Clare schreibt:

    In this video of the scene, the medics cry out that the terrorist is moving and they’re clearly worried. A soldier warns them not to touch the terrorist as there is a possibility of an explosive belt on him. They quickly move one ambulance out of the way as well as change direction of their gurney so as not to pass by him and to quickly get their injured patient backwards into another ambulance. Quite a different scernerio from the silent, cropped, anti-Israel NGO’s video.

  2. Rachael Silver schreibt:

    Danke. Gut gesagt

  3. Pnina schreibt:

    The terrorist who was shot and killed was wearing an explosive devise under his jacket that was designed to kill many Jews. I’m glad the terrorist got killed instead of us. The soldier saw the terrorist was wearing a heavy jacket on a warm day.

    As we see from the Purim story Haman got killed. As were tens of thousands of other people who tried to kill us. Hope those antisemites will learn their lessons before fate catches up with them.

  4. Breon Connolly schreibt:

    I don’t understand isn’t Islam the religion of peace? Unless you are a Jew then even if in the Quran it says the Israelites were given the land of Israel, you will try to reinterpret it to fit your own toxic ideology and justify murder… What will they do if they were not kept as victim refugees and had to establish a viable Palestinian state? Find another excuse to be unhappy and victims.. Tragic that no end to this as prevailing mentalities are often childlike and won’t compromise. I am more surprised that no coverage of the attacks on Jewish and other Israeli citizens have had more media coverage here in the UK.

  5. Muhammad K Cohen schreibt:

    The soldier exercised good judgment because:

    Terrorist wounded in the act of attempted murder is on the ground without restraints;
    Terrorist wearing a bulky jacket on a warm day while most others at the scene are in shirt sleeves;
    Terrorist appears to have something bulky under his jacket;
    Terrorist, who has already attempted murder, begins to move his arm;
    Crowd of people close by who were in imminent danger if a suicide vest had been detonated.

    Consider your own feelings if your family and loved ones were near by and you saw that the terrorist had a bulky jacket that appeared to be shaped like a suicide vest and he was moving his arm? Would you want to wait to see worse your fears realized or instead see the assassin quickly stopped before he potentially killed your family? Answer honestly. Don’t be a hypocrite just because Jews are involved.

    The only question should be when does the soldier get the well deserved medal?

  6. Freethinker schreibt:

    I think you are lying. You are definitely not sorry calling other people vile, anti Semitic assholes.

  7. yoyojon schreibt:

    The first thing to make such occurrence impossible: Arabs leave their knives in the kitchen where these belong and stop trying to murder people. Should that not be simple enough?

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