„Jews were once gassed, right?”

The image most Germans have of Jews is frightening. In Germany people were asked the following question on the street: „What do you associate with the term ‚Jew‘?“ Here are some disturbing answers:

“Well, the Holocaust, of course, as most people would.”

“World War II.”

“Persecution. Holocaust,”

“Well, the concentration camps. Persecution, in general. What else?”

“Well, if you say Jews, then Hitler, right?”


“World War II.”

“Also Hitler.”



“I can tell you a lot about Jews.”

“World War II. Holocaust.”

“People make jokes about them. Stop. No, you’re not supposed to.”

“Jews. Shit, man, Jews, what can I say? Jews were once gassed, right?”

“Hitler’s biggest fear? Big electricity bill. You don’t get it? That’s okay.”

“Jews. No idea, I dunno, but they’re stingy.”

“That’s right, Jews are stingy! Why are they stingy? I dunno.”

“The Jews? No idea. Don’t you have another question?”

“Jews? I don’t like Jews. I’m Muslim, I hate them!”

“I’ve heard about the Jews. I’m a Muslim, so I’m really not interested.”

“Many still don’t accept them. Many still have negative associations with Judaism, I’d say.”

“What can you say, they’re money grabbing pigs, assholes, miscarriages, they need to be exterminated.”

“The Jew wants to put his hands in everything, whether he’s in Germany or in Italy. I don’t get it. When I came to Munich, I had to behave myself.”

“Jews, well, that’s just another religion.”

“Jesus, of course, although they don’t acknowledge him as a prophet, but he was once called King of the Jews.”

“Although I don’t know much about the Jewish religion, I harbor no negative associations.”

“Jews, well, I have nothing against Jews, they’re in my hometown Frankenhausen; we have an entire section of Jews, Jewish descendants. They’re people like us.”

“Well, I know about Anne Frank on TV and stuff. She was a Jew and she was dragged into a car (The abbreviation for automobile is KFZ, quoted here, was confused with KZ, the abbreviation for concentration camp.). She was a Jewess. For example, Hitler somehow had them killed, all the Jews, I think, he had them all killed.”

“We Germans are so bad, we killed them all!”

(Translation: William Wires)

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