The German Federal Foreign Office hits the wrong note on Israel

Imagine a hostage situation whereby several hostages have already been shot. Let us suppose that among the many surviving hostages there is one who hasn’t paid a traffic ticket, another who evaded taxes and another who’s committed some other crime. What would you think if the police described both the hostage-takers and the hostages as equally criminal? What would you say if German politicians were to call on both sides to practice restraint and do everything in their power to ensure that the situation doesn’t escalate? What would you say if an attempt by the hostages to free themselves were to be criticized by any of the media outlets as just pouring oil on the flames and thereby perpetuating violence ?

Well, the German Federal Foreign Office did just that!

On January 9, 2018, rabbi Raziel Shevach, who is also a volunteer worker at the humanitarian aid organization Red Star of David, was murdered in a drive-by shooting near Nablus. He died later in the hospital, leaving behind a wife and six children, the youngest of whom is only ten months old. Germany’s Foreign Office commented on the attack as follows:

„Those who are responsible for this, or welcome this attack, are stirring up violence which makes it difficult to resolve the Middle East conflict through negotiation. We expect both sides to contribute actively to a de-escalation.“

The Federal Foreign Office actually said just that.

They wrote „both sides“ and thus expressly included the victim to actively contribute towards a de-escaltation.

Article 7 of Hamas‘ founding charter calls for the extermination of the entire Jewish people worldwide, and Article 13 declares war against Israel until it is completely annihilated. Even on Fatah’s anniversaries, the extermination of the entire Jewish people is preached, while Abbas regularly turns Jewish murderers into „heroic martyrs“. These terrorists hate Jews, because Jews are alive, because they exist. The only recourse Jews are left with is to simply cease to exist.

Of course, the conflict in the Middle East continues. But this is due to the fact that Jews in Israel have been defending themselves militarily against annihilation since 1948. A conflict will only escalate if one side resists being wiped out by the other side. For Israel, de-escalation can only mean self-destruction. That’s why the German Foreign Office’s statement is not only distasteful but also scandalous. After this cowardly terrorist attack, there is only one possible reaction:

We condemn the terrorist attacks against Jews and Israelis. We call on all Arab governments in the region to condemn terrorist attacks, to fight those terrorists and to accept an Israeli hand of peace in good will, and to maintain peaceful progress in the Middle East. Any support for terrorists is also terrorism. Excusing terrorist attacks is excusing murderous hatred of Jews. We expect the Arab governments to do everything in their power to combat this hatred and end the violence, and we support the Israeli government in its efforts to track down and bring those responsible for the recent attack to justice.

It’s actually quite simple: As long as a hostage-taker holds a gun to the head of a hostage, you don’t criticize the hostage, no matter what he or she may have done. Anyone who feels a hostage must be criticized, must first ensure his or her safety. The loaded gun pointing at the hostage’s head must be taken away. The same goes for Israel. Anyone who feels Israel must be criticized, must first of all ensure that all threats of extermination cease, and above all, the attacks, the bombings and the murders.

Must the German Federal Foreign Office be reminded on what is right? Presumably, those with such an attitude would have called on the rebels in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1944 to practice restraint and works towards de-escalation.


Translation: William Wires

Über tapferimnirgendwo

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