Barack O. McCarthy

The United States government has paid Pakistani television stations about $70,000 to run advertisements featuring President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying: „We absolutely reject its content and message“, hoping to soothe public opinion in a country hit by protests against a movie made in California.

What? People in Arab countries just have to go mad, killing Americans, burn down American embassies and blame it on a movie and the president of the United States American gives their TV stations money saying sorry for an opinion expressed on the free market of free speech aka the Greatest Country on Earth?

Obama has to leave this track as soon as possible! There are a lot of citizen in the United States of America who consider themselves feminists, pro choice and keep on saying „It’s okay to be gay“, but they will never vote for a man who spends tax payer’s money saying sorry for the Bill of Rights! A president spending money for running ads in foreign countries saying sorry for the very first amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America is one of the biggest attacks on the constitution ever performed by the government since Joseph McCarthy.

People who are offended by this action of the president may not vote for Mitt Romney but they will most certainly not vote for a man who has not the decency and the strength to defense the convictions of a free nation.

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