Allah loves the Jews!

It is hard to argue with people who believe their religion justifies hate. However, I’d like to respond energetically with a simple and clear statement to those who hate the Jews because he or she believes that Islam requires it.

„If there really is a higher omniscient power that answers to the name of Allah, Muslims should then accustom themselves to the idea that Allah loves Israel! The people of Israel are thriving although for every Jew there are more than a hundred Muslims in the world. If only ten percent of all Muslims hate Israel, then there are ten times as many enemies of Israel as there are Jews. But the people of Israel are thriving! It is apparent that Allah loves and protects the Jews and Israel. Either Mohammed misunderstood Allah or Muslims have misunderstood Mohammad. There’s obviously a misinterpretation. At some point Islam took a wrong turn because one thing is clear:

Allah loves the Jews!“

Now it’s up to us. May the Arab part of Facebook be flooded with this message!

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