German Foreign Minister finds it difficult to explain why support of Israel must continue

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel says that „in Germany, and even within my own Social Democratic Party, more and more young people“ have a problem with Israel. He also laments that „it’s getting harder and harder for people like me to explain why we should continue supporting Israel.“

Dear Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel,

if you can’t, let me offer those „young Germans“ a few reasons:

Israel is the only country in the Middle East,

where gays aren’t persecuted and murdered;

where the political opposition needn’t fear for life and limb;

where Jews, Christians and Muslims work together in the police departments, in the highest courts, in schools and in parliament;

where freedom of religion, art and science prevail;

where emancipated women can criticize all religions and marry whom they wish;

where demonstrations against the government and also gay parades take place in public;

where Arabs, Israelis, Jews and Muslims may compete in the Israeli edition of „The Voice“;

where thousands of people demonstrate openly for peace without chanting „death to enemies“;

where the government doesn’t drop missiles and bombs to force unconditional surrender, although Israel’s neighbors in their charters and speeches openly call for the destruction of all Jews.

In short, support of Israel must continue, because the „young Germans“ with whom you are speaking, Mr Gabriel, enjoy that what is possible in Israel: to live free of persecution!

Israel’s declaration of independence states:

„WE EXTEND our hand to all neighbouring states and their peoples in an offer of peace and good neighbourliness, and appeal to them to establish bonds of cooperation and mutual help with the sovereign Jewish people settled in its own land. The State of Israel is prepared to do its share in a common effort for the advancement of the entire Middle East.“

The Hamas Charter calls for the destruction of Israel along with the entire Jewish people. Hamas and Fatah ministers reward terrorists and applaud sermons calling for the murder of Jews. On Arab television, children are educated to hate and are instructed to murder Jews. Twenty percent of all Israelis are Muslims. They have family and children like all other Israelis. Israel’s military protects all these families and children. Hamas and Fatah use their children to protect their weapons. They train their children to be soldiers. They hide weapons, rockets and grenades in kindergartens and schools, only to shed crocodile tears when children die.

Dear Sigmar Gabriel,

You say that you can’t explain that to „young Germans“? How is that possible? Because you openly tweet that Abbas is your friend, the same man who once said he couldn’t tolerate the existence of even a single Jewish Israeli, whether civilian or soldier, in any final agreement.

On the 47th anniversary of Abbas‘ political party, Mufti Muhammad Hussein, whom Abbas personally appointed as the „spiritual leader of Palestinian autonomy“, spoke to a cheering crowd: „The hour of resurrection will not come until we have destroyed the Jews.“

Dear Sigmar Gabriel,

there are two sides to the conflict in the Middle East. However, only Israel guarantees life and security of its citizens, just as those „young people“ are protected in Germany. The other side persecutes and murders. So, what’s there to think about?

Are you defending Israel’s right to exist only because the Germans were once Nazis like your father? Would you rather keep silent? Today, Israel is making sure that there won’t be another Holocaust by combating antisemitism and offering Jews a safe haven. Even without mentioning the Holocaust, there are many reasons to support Israel. They’re listed above.

A German Foreign Minister who only supports Israel because of the Holocaust sounds a little bit like he would only be in favour of Israel’s right to exist because his father went a bit overboard. It’s not reassuring to hear a foreign minister emphasizing Israel’s right to exist, because one day in the future that opinion may change. You sound like a man who goes out with a woman and repeats on every date that he speaks out for the physical integrity of woman and against them being murdered. And then tweets that a violent stalker of that woman is his friend. Would any sensible woman go out on a second date with such a man?

Dear Sigmar Gabriel,

You‘ve said it’s not easy for you to explain your position on Israel to „young Germans“. That worries me, in fact, I’m „deeply concerned“.

Best regards,
Gerd Buurmann


Translation: William Wires

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