You dare to call yourself friends of Jews?

An emotional letter for the German government by Aviel Tromm.

You all annoy me the way you mentally please yourself with your ‚culture of rememberence‘ and your ‚raison d’État‘ and how you at the same time learned so much from history that in fifty years Germany will finally be as your murderish grandparents dreamed of – judenrein!

Every time a Jew in Germany gets beaten, you have to act as shocked politicans with your useless Sunday speeches and slogans and actually pretend that you couldn’t understand where that hatred comes from. You fabulate in talk shows that there wouldn’t be place for anti semitism in Germany, you carry wreaths to memorials. Oh, how much you love your dead Jews. I’m inclined to attest you a propensity for necrophilia!

But every time when the living Jew resist, when they insist on their right to self-determination, then you’re there to pass UN-Resolutions together with the religious and ideological fanatics, stylizing Israel as worlds demon. In ‚Stürmer‘ they did it with caricatures. You do it with politics.

High-ranking politicans are allowed to clap hands when in the European Parliament a Mr. Abbas tells the most anti semitic stories. One may allowed to speak of an apartheid state or a regime loudly and it’s also perfectly okay for you to lay down flowers and wreaths at the graves of dead terrorists. To this day, Europe must be very sad that the Arabs failed to drown the Jews in the Middle East in 1948, like a farmerman who’s killing kittens in the barrel of rain.

Either you’re so stupid you can’t distinguish scrambled eggs from shit, or you do it on purpose. You’re a bunch of lousy hypocrites, who presentate themselves infront of memorials, howling in the minor chords of Klezmer-music, and at the same time you’re working only to get rid of the European Jews.

What did you learn from the last years? What have you done? Anti semitic riots throughout Germany, arson attacks on synagogues, endless insults and repressions against Jews and Jewish institutions. What was the consequence? The German Landtag of the state NRW for example examined the incidents in Essen (City in Germany), condemned them and after that the topic was finished. No practical applications happened. The guilty are still sitting exactly where they sat then. The only effective measure was a mass rally, which wasn’t initiated by you, but the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

And what are you working on in practice? You condemn and criticize Israel since the 60s on continuous loop, you have no understanding for self defense and security needs. You reject Jerusalem as capital (of Israel) and pump billions of euros into the terrorist structures of Hamas and others on site. And what does that made of you after your own definition? You dare to call yourself friends of Israel and the Jews? Friends? What the hell is wrong with you?

With this policy of ‚friendship‘ you created such a one-sided media coverage that there are only two types of Jews in the daily Germans lifes. Jews have almost disappeared completely from everday life.

First type: Jews in Germany appear in messages about students who have to change schools because of their Jewish identity. Or in documentations about the Shoa, which have become so irrelevant that they have replaced the black-and-white picture noise of the analogue age on television.

Second type: Jews encounter the majority of people in Germany as a boogeyman in the news, if Israel, as so often, has to defend itself and already in the headline is left no doubt that ‚the Jew‘ is the guilty. In fact, media almost reports always negative about Israel. Attacks on the state itself are usually mentioned as the last line in consistently tendencious news, and politicians of all parties either drown in their temperance prayers or curse, like the German minister of foreign affairs Sigmar Gabriel, Israel as an apartheid state.

The West German post-war narrative is the attempt of a debt defense. In order not to face up to it’s own history, Israel at least get equaled to the Nazis.

And finally, to crown hypocrisy, you use your own anti semitism commissioner who have to beg to get heard at all. If they’re listened to, they may are allowed to have the moral pointer. Fabulous! That’s what I call ‚real big cinema‘. So much perversion and deviousness is otherwise known only in psycho thrillers.

The result of over fourty years of German-Israeli ‚friendship‘ is that anti semitism has become louder, that it’s becoming increasingly dangerous for Jews to take the streets and that more and more Jews emigrate from Germany.

There’s only left to say that you’re bound by tradition, a German tradition which made it possible to slaughter Jews during the Crusades like livestock, a tradition that was inspired by Martin Luthers letter of shame ‚From Jews and their lies‘, a tradition responsible for the murder of six million Jews on government orders.

It’s not us who have become like your grandparents, no, you’re just as your murderish ancestors desired. At least be honest, this farce is almost unbearable.

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