Dear Bill Maher,

You say the Iran deal is a „no brainer“.

The deal only has benefits, you say. You don’t understand how anyone can be against this deal. Let a German explain!

German history illustrates that a regime that commits itself to the annihilation of Jews is dead serious!

The Iranian regime has already declared its intention to destroy Israel. Iran funds various organizations which actively work towards the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews.

Since „work“ on the „final solution“ is costly, the Iranian regime needs money. Sanctions haven’t been helpful. So what can the Iranian regime do in order to get more money? It’s quite simple: Iran must instigate a large enough fear in Western nations so that they are willing to accept a compromise. That’s exactly what Iran is doing!

Iran claims to develop nuclear weapons. The West, totally panicked, agrees to reach out to Iran if the Iranian regime would agree not to develop nuclear weapons. Agreed, says Iran, mumbles something about the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. They bag the cash when sanctions are lifted. It is precisely this cash that Iran uses to finance its war against Israel and Jews!

Dear Bill,

For this “peace”, Jews pay with their lives. You call it a „no brainer“!

Thanks to the new international treaty with Iran, the economic and cultural cooperation with Iran is blooming again. The German Vice Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, traveled immediately to Tehran in order to reap the dividends from the deal. He even wanted the Berlin State Orchestra to come along and celebrate the new relationship. But, there was just one problem: The conductor of the Berlin State Orchestra is a Jew and Iran is leading a war against Jews. Hossein Noushabadi, the Iranians Ministry of Culture’s spokesman, offered a compromise:

„The symphony can replace its conductor and then reapply for an appearance in Tehran. A renewed request can be made only under these conditions.“

That’s called peace with Iran. Anyone who wants peace with Iran has only to dispose of all the Jews! You call it „no brainer“, Bill!

When Germany declared war on all Jews around eighty years ago, the World’s nations looked the other way! George Santayana once said, “Those who can not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.“

On the night of September 30, 1938, the heads of government of Britain, France, Italy and the German Reich signed the Munich Pact. The signatories called the Munich Agreement, peace; The Czechs refer to it as the Munich dictate. The signing was supposed to solve the Sudeten crisis once and for all. That crisis shows unmistakable parallels to the Middle East today:

Until 1918 Czech lands were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After the defeat of Austria-Hungary in World War I, Czechoslovakia was proclaimed an independent State on October 28, 1918. All nationalities living there were promised equality. In November 1918, Czechoslovak troops entered their assigned areas, among which were areas populated by ethnic Germans. In the Treaty of Saint-Germain Czechoslovakia was confirmed a sovereign State, including Sudetenland and German Austrian areas.

Soon thereafter, three and a half million Sudeten Germans strived for autonomy. In 1933, the increasingly Nazi-oriented Sudeten German Party (SdP) was established under Konrad Henlein. In the elections of May 1935, the Sudeten German Party rose to become the strongest party in the country. During this time, the German press reported exclusively about Czech atrocities. On September 15, 1938, British Prime Minister Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler met. At this meeting, Hitler demanded the annexation of the Sudetenland to the Reich, and invoked the right of self-determination. On September 17, 1938, Adolf Hitler ordered the formation of a Sudeten Volunteer Corps.

From September 22-24, 1938, Chamberlain negotiated again with Hitler at Hotel Dreesen in Godesberg, Germany. He offered Hitler the consent of England, France and Czechoslovakia for the annexation of Sudetenland, but an international treaty would then guarantee Czechoslovak independence. Hitler rejected this solution after a moment’s thought, and then wrote in a memorandum an ultimatum with an October 1 deadline. The Czechoslovak government then ordered a general mobilization of its military forces. On September 25, the British Cabinet rejected Hitler’s demands and promised the French government support in the event of military involvement with Germany. On September 26, France ordered a partial mobilization.

Chamberlain sent an advisor to Berlin to prevent an outbreak of war. Hitler declared that he would recall his armored divisions only if the Godesberg Memorandum would be accepted by the Prague government by September 28th, at 2 pm. In a speech at the Berlin Sports Palace on September 26th, he referred to his demand for the annexation of Sudetenland explicitly as his last territorial demand. That evening Joseph Goebbels spoke his infamous line, „The Führer commands, we follow!“ Finally, Chamberlain and US President Franklin D. Roosevelt appealed to the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, to convince Hitler to postpone the mobilization and agree to a meeting. On September 28th, Mussolini was able to convince Hitler.

On September 29, 1938, the Sudetenland was carved away from Czechoslovakia with the approval of the major European countries. The autonomous Sudeten German authorities were then incorporated into the German Reich.

The Czechoslovak situation in 1938 is astoundingly similar to the situation of Israel today. Only the following words may be replaced:

Hapsburg Dynasty = Ottoman Empire
Czechoslovakia = Israel
German Empire = Arab countries
Sudeten Germans = Palestinians
SdP = PLO, Fatah, Hamas

News reporting then was extremely one-sided! In the German media, Sudentenland was referred to solely as „the occupied territories”. At that time, Czechoslovakia was a young and vulnerable nation, as Israel is today. One must pay particular attention to Hitler’s justification. He spoke of „national self-determination“, whereby the existence of Czechoslovakia was considered questionable. As soon as Czechoslovakia criticized the attitudes of the other European states, it was Czechoslovakia that was quickly identified as the greatest threat to world peace. A man named Lord Trenchard explained at the time, Czechoslovakia doesn’t need the Sudeten areas for its security, adding: „The best security is peace!“

For Lord Trenchard the Munich Agreement was a „no brainer“, Bill!

Hitler refused to recognize Czechoslovakia’s independence like the Iranian regime refuses to recognize Israel’s existence.

The Nazi regime used the money from the Munich agreement to annihilate Jews. Iran will do nothing else with the money from the deal! Back then, the nations of the world looked away. Today it’s no different. However, there is one little but significant difference! There was no Israel then.

There wasn’t a Jewish state, which warned the world. Today, however, there is this Jewish State. Above all party differences and boundaries, a large majority in the Israeli parliament is critical of the Iran deal. But the world isn’t listening!

I think that’s bad, really bad! Not to hear the shouts of Jews, who will have to bear a heavy price for this deal, can be explained as follows:

No brains!
No hearts!
No conscience!

(Translation: William Wires)

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