An antifeminist leads the Women’s March

In an interview with The Nation, Linda Sarsour stated that a woman can’t simultaneously be a feminist and a Zionist:

„It just doesn’t make any sense for someone to say, ‘Is there room for people who support the state of Israel and do not criticize it in the movement?’ she said. ‘There can’t be in feminism. You either stand up for the rights of all women, including Palestinians, or none. There’s just no way around it.’“

Linda Sarsour just outed herself as an antifeminist, because she stands either for all women, including Zionist women, or for none!

Linda Sarsour is not a feminist. She’s an Islamist. She’s not concerned about women’s rights. She fights for patriarchy as manifested in Islam. In her struggle for Islam she even insults women who criticize Islam in the most sexist way.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, for example, is an American political scientist and feminist of Somali origin. She is a major critic of Islam. At the age of five, her vagina was mutilated at the instigation of her grandmother. Almost forty years after this barbaric act, Linda Sarsour formulated on May 8, 2011 her wish to remove Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s entire vagina.

„Brigitta Gabriel= Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She’s asking 4 an a$$ whippin’. I wish I could take their vaginas away – they don’t deserve to be women.“

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a courageous feminist who deals with an ideology that without exaggeration is one of today’s most dangerous misogynous ideologies. She has already received innumerable death threats. She lives under constant mortal danger. After producing a feminist film directed by Theo van Gogh, the director was murdered in Amsterdam on November 2, 2004 by a Muslim extremist, who rammed a knife into the corpse to which a threatening letter addressed to Ayaan Hirsi Ali was attached. And now Linda Sarsour wants to remove Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s vagina.

Incredible as it seems, Linda Sarsour helped organize the Women’s March on Washington last January 21. Whoever thinks Linda Sarsour is a feminist can believe that a pimp is worried about the welfare of women, because when it comes to the headscarf, many people sound like pimps: „Women want that!“

In her fight for Islam, Linda Sarsour stops at nothing. For example, she refused the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacres any compassion because they criticized Islam. She also mocked those who criticize the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia. She twittered:

“10 weeks of PAID maternity leave in Saudi Arabia. Yes PAID. And ur worrying about women driving. Puts us to shame.“

Linda Sarsour is a Palestinian activist. In the Gaza Strip, Jews aren’t allowed residency permits. The region is proud to be „judenrein“ (free of Jews). Fatah in the autonomous areas and Hamas in the Gaza Strip systematically deny the most elementary fundamental rights to all Palestinians who are gay, lesbian, western, enlightened or feminist. Muhammad Abu Shahala, for example, was sentenced to death because he sold his house to a Jew. According to a regulation introduced by Fatah and Hamas, Palestinians are prohibited from selling land to Jews. On February 28, 2010, the deputy minister of Hamas‘ Ministry of Religious Endowments, Abdallah Jarbu, reiterated Hamas’ principle views:

“Jews want to present themselves to the world as if they have rights, but, in fact, they are foreign bacteria – a microbe unparalleled in the world. It’s not me who says this. The Koran itself says that they have no parallel: ‘You shall find the strongest men in enmity to the believers to be the Jews.’ May He annihilate this filthy people who have neither religion nor conscience. I condemn whoever believes in normalizing relations with them, whoever supports sitting down with them, and whoever believes that they are human beings. They are not human beings. They are not people. They have no religion, no conscience, and no moral values.”

On the 47th anniversary of Fatah, Mufti Muhammad Hussein, who was personally appointed by Mahmud Abbas as the „spiritual leader of Palestinian autonomy“, reaffirmed:

„The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight and kill the Jews. If a Jew will hide behind stones and trees, the stones and trees will say ‘O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.’“

In the founding charter of Hamas, Article 7 calls for the worldwide annihilation of the entire Jewish people. This is a declaration of murderous, racist and anti-Jewish hatred. Nevertheless, Linda Sarsour claims to be a feminist and a Palestinian activist. She says one can’t be a feminist and a Zionist at the same time, although the declaration of independence of the State of Israel states:

„WE EXTEND our hand to all neighboring states and their peoples in an offer of peace and good neighborliness, and appeal to them to establish bonds of cooperation and mutual help with the sovereign Jewish people settled in its own land. The State of Israel is prepared to do its share in a common effort for the advancement of the entire Middle East.“

In Israel there is freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of art and freedom of science. The largest and only parade in the entire Middle East for gay, lesbian, trans and queers takes place in Israel. No matter whom you sleep with, what you believe and what gender you have, in Israel, all the highest offices are open for you. A test with a hidden camera was broadcast on Israeli television some time ago showing how people in Israel react to discrimination. A gas station salesman, refused to serve Arabs. Guests responded as follows:

With facts one can’t convince Jew-haters like Linda Sarsour. It’s impossible to prove to a Jew-hater that Jews don’t poison wells, don’t use children’s blood for their matzah bread and don’t strive to dominate the world. A Jew-hater simply „knows“ that Jews are bad. Therefore, she’s obsessively searching for evil Jews, so that she can shout aloud: „Look, the Jews!“ These so-called Israel critics are the new heroines of the Jew-haters. One of them is Linda Sarsour.

To prove to her and her fanatical followers that she’s distorting and lying is as difficult as to make clear to a medieval Jew-hater that the Jews don’t slaughter children to bake their matzah bread. At many universities in the Arab world this garbage is taught even today. In a program that was aired on March 31, 2010 on Hamas- controlled television, Dr. Salah Sultan, said:

„The Zionists kidnapped several non-Muslims– Christians and others… this happened in a Jewish neighborhood in Damascus. They killed the French doctor, Toma, who used to treat the Jews and others for free, in order to spread Christianity. Even though he was their friend and they benefited from him the most, they took him on one of these holidays and slaughtered him, along with the nurse. Then they kneaded the matzos with the blood of Dr. Toma and his nurse. They do this every year. The world must know these facts about the Zionist entity and its terrible corrupt creed. The world should know this.“

This hatred is taught in Gaza. Hamas rules in Gaza. Over the past six years, Hamas has fired over 7,000 rockets at Israel. Hatred of Jews is taught in children’s schools and in mosques. Nevertheless, Linda Sarsour describes herself as a feminist and a Palestinian activist.

There are nearly 1,694,000 Muslims living peacefully with Jews in Israel. They are the neighbors, colleagues, teachers, lawyers, judges, deputies, police officers, firefighters, soldiers, cooks, sexual partners and much, much more of the Jewish population. They laugh, live, eat, cry and fight together. They live together, not only because they want to live together, but because they have to live together. They share the same country. They are connected in fidelity with the trees, rivers, mountains, seas, lakes, towns, villages and deserts of their homeland which they often include in their prayers. They are one family! Some are distant relatives, others trusted friends. 1,694,000 Muslims are affirmative in their attitudes towards Jews and reach out their hands in peace. One in five Israelis is a Muslim and 77 percent of these Muslims, according to a representative Harvard Kennedy School survey, say they want to live in no other country than in Israel! There is hardly any other country in the world that is so appreciated by Muslims. Linda Sarsour explains, however, that that can’t be possible!

On the other hand, a leader like Mahmud Abbas is possible. He became President of the Palestinian Authority in 2005. Although his legislative period ended on January 9, 2009. he continues to hold office without any legitimacy. Jordan is a monarchy with Islam as its state religion and Sharia as its law. All non-Islamic Palestinians are second-class citizens in Jordan. This attitude signifying a special form of discrimination can be reduced to this simple formula: A Jew-hater criticizes Jews on issues non-Jews are not criticized for.

Linda Sasour is such a Jew-hater. And she’s certainly not a feminist. I am a feminist. I fight for the right of every woman to freely express her opinion. Therefore, I also fight for the right of Linda Sarsour to be allowed to say anything she wishes to say, so wrong it may be. In my opinion, she is a Jew-hater and a sexist who nevertheless may not be deprived of her human rights. As Hedwig Dohm once said, „Human rights have no sex!“


Translation: William Wires

Über tapferimnirgendwo

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