Facebook blocks a German’s criticism of Jew hatred

Twice within a short space of time I, Gerd Buurmann, was blocked by Facebook. The reason in both cases was apparently related to my articles and photos against Jew hatred.

On July 1, 2017, I was blocked by Facebook because I had published photos showing pedestrians walking on “stumble stones” embedded in the sidewalks in front of the last residences of Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust.

I summarized my opinions concerning that mode of memorial in the following article:

„The Stumblestone Family“

For those photos I was blocked on July 1, 2017 for 24 hours by Facebook.

It was the second time in only a few days that I was barred by Facebook for writing against Jewish hatred!

A few days before, I was blocked for a polemic that I had written concerning the WDR’s dealings with the documentary „Chosen and Excluded – The Hatred of Jews in Europe“ by Joachim Schroeder and Sophie Hafner. The polemic is titled:

„News from WDR Fact Check“

In that aricle I wrote:

Was Hitler an anti-Semite? The WDR fact-checker says no. “There is no evidence that Mr. Hitler murdered a Jew with his own bare hands.”
”And now the weather…”

The polemic is a clear reaction to the behavior of the WDR (West German Public Broadcasting), which I had already criticized in this article:

„What’s happening in Germany is incomprehensible“

For posting this polemic to Facebook, I was also blocked by Facebook for 24 hours.

My page “Tapfer im Nirgendwo” was also blocked by Facebook. The censorship is regrettable considering what anti-Semitic statements abound in Facebook, and despite reporting, are judged by Facebook as to not contradict their community standards.


Translation: William Wires

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