Next year in Jerusalem!

All of the countries participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 have chosen their songs. My absolute favorite is Netta Barzilai who performs „Toy“ by Doron Medalie and Stav Bege, who were already responsible for the successful Israeli contributions in 2015 and 2016. They wrote an electro-pop song with an oriental touch special for Netta Bazilai.

„Toy“ is an unpretentious song of the #metoo movement. Netta Barzilai says herself that her performance was inspired by the #metoo movement.

Women who assertively defend their physical self-determination and vocally address sexual assaults are often denounced as „hysterical chickens“. But Netta Barzilai won’t let herself be insulted. She does what others in the emancipation movements have done before: she twists the insult.

Just as homosexuals have reclaimed the word „gay“, Netta Barzilai transforms the
insult „chicken“ into a song of wonderful sounds and rhythms, where the cackling becomes a she calls on women to defend themselves with self-confidence and put disrespectful men in their place.

I hope this song will win, especially in the year of the #metoo debate and the
70th anniversary of the State of Israel, a country where the word „Jew“ is not an insult, as in so many places in Europe and the Arab world, but where one is proud to be a Jew, a woman, a homosexual or all of them together!

Please help this marvellous work of art win, so that on May 12, 2018 it’ll be:

„Next year in Jerusalem!“

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