Thoughts of a German

My name is Gerd Buurmann. I am a German blogger and journalist. Among other publications, I write for the Jewish Chronicle. My blog, “Tapfer im Nirgendwo” (Brave in no man’s land), is one of the most popular pro-Israeli blogs in Germany. Some of my articles have been translated into English by William Wires. Now I’d like to reach readers in the English-speaking world.

Feel free to read and share the following articles:

Israel reacts disproportionately

Shylock or Nathan

I was just five years old

The crusade argument

Scientology means peace

A day with Rana Ahmad in Cologne

The second holocaust

Open letter to Bill Maher

A call for help after the attacks

No concessions

Why I’m not a muslim

The circumcision of Christ

And finally, I’m also an actor, stand up comedian and inventor of a very successful theater concept, which has spread to over 40 cities: “Kunst gegen Bares” (Art for Cash)

Next time you’re in Germany, you’re welcome to visit me in a theatre.

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